The colossus had made an appointment with his fans this Saturday morning through a video posted Friday night on Facebook and Instagram. With more than 300,000 fans on social networks, the boxer of Grigny, Patrice Quarteron (1,98m, 120 kilos) known as much for his arguments with rapper Booba or his patriotic positions that for his performances on a ring, was thus found to share a training with a score of brave who braved the cold and the rain.

The small group from the four corners of Ile-de-France started with a jogging at the Bois de Vincennes, before taking up the challenge launched by the boxer who is currently preparing his fight against the Brazilian Diego Dos Santos, to be held in Paris on 6 October.

"His career is huge and he's funny"

Each participant had to wave huge ropes as long as possible. "The arms are burning, huh? I do it every morning, "laughs Patrice Quarteron urging his fans to go after themselves.

At this little game, Cyril was the strongest and won the contest broadcast live on Facebook, pocketing at the same time two places for the gala of December 6. "I like the character, I've already seen him fight and, I'm a sportsman, I told myself that it was an opportunity to discover," says the winner, a 26-year-old Brunoy resident and police officer in Paris. It's cool, it was a family atmosphere. "

The other participants also appreciated to approach the boxer that they follow for some since more than ten years. "His career is immense, and he's funny," says a fan from Seine-et-Marne.

Now the champion, who is approaching mid-life, has to live up to expectations in less than a month for what will undoubtedly be one of his last fights.


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