EST-ESS (1-0): “Blood and gold” realism…

Without being too convincing, but mastering the debates perfectly, the “Blood and Gold” were able to play their game well, winning a precious victory which allowed them to widen the gap in relation to their direct pursuers.

Hamadi-Agrebi Olympic Stadium in Radès. EST beats ESS: 1-0. (Score acquired at half-time). Goal by Abderrazek Bouazra (12′, CSC). Refereeing: Nidhal Letaief (central referee) and Oussema Ben Ishak (VAR referee).

EST : Debchi, Badrane (Amamou 63′), Chammam, Fedaa, Chetti, Coulibaly, Chaalali, Ben Romdhane, Bougrine (El Houni 27′), Iwuala (Badri 80′) et Eduwo (Ben Hammouda 80′).

ESS: Jemal, Boughattas, Bouazra, Kechiche, Jammeli (Laaouafi 58 ‘), Ben Ayada, Mbé, Zaddem, Abid (Zid 89’), Dhaoui (Boutmène 72 ‘) and El Aouani (Bongonga 72’; Adem 89 ‘).

Esperantists and Stars approached the classico yesterday with the same intention: to make a good reaction after their respective poor performances last week. EST delivered a small performance during the derby. Still happy the “Blood and Gold” that they made a draw. As for the Stars, they conceded a heavy defeat against USM (4-2). A poor performance that cost coach Lassaad Jarda his place.

And it is the Esperantists who have shown themselves to be the most enterprising, but also the most realistic. After a first shot returned by a star defender at 3 ‘, Iwuala returned to the charge nine minutes later: served on a plate by Chaalali who stole the ball from Bouazra, the Nigerian slipped on the left and saw his shot cross deflected by the same Bouazra who deceived his own goalkeeper, opening the scoring against his camp (12 ‘).

A goal conceded early which disrupted the visitors’ plans. Except that the latter took time to react and their first serious attempt was without real danger for the Esperanto defense which easily cleared a corner from Oussama Abid (32 ‘).

On the Esperanto side, Iwuala has been the most active player on the pitch. He almost doubled the lead at 34′, but his cross shot was deflected for a corner. A minute later, Eduwo scored for Ben Romdhane whose ball went over (35′). And the “Blood and Gold” to join the locker room for the half-time break by being satisfied with a small lead of one goal.

Attempts here, attempts there…

The second half is known to be that of the coaches, Radhi Jaïdi like Moez Gazzah made each of the changes. The “blood and gold” coach, with a view to preserving his advantage in the score and why not consolidate it with a second goal but without taking unnecessary risks. The star-studded coach looked to get back into the game any way he could. Suddenly, we witnessed attempts from both sides and the debates became more balanced in the second half.

If on the EST side, we were treated to a big chance whose author was Ben Romdhane who, served by Chaalali, saw his powerful shot deflected for a corner by Jemal (55 ‘), the attempts of the Etoilés lacked punch like Laaouafi’s cross deflected for a corner by Amamou (70′). Five minutes later, the same Laaouafi returned to the charge, but his cross missed the target (75’)!

In short, without being too convincing but realistic at will, the Esperantists won a precious victory which allows them to widen the gap compared to their direct pursuers and thus take a nice option for the title. The Stars, they must take more care of their copy if they want to return to victory.

crédit photo : © Mokhtar HMIMA