Estimated Price for Special Tires for the Hyundai Ioniq 5 Electric Car

JAKARTA, – A tire manufacturer from South Korea, Hankook, will launch special tires for the use of the Hankook Ion electric car in Indonesia in July or August 2023.

Aprianto Yuono, National Sales Manager of PT Hankook Tire Sales Indonesia, said one of the tire models confirmed to be present was the tire for the Hundai Ioniq 5 electric car.

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Doc. Hankook

Gen3 Formula E racing car tire, Hankook iON

“(Tire) Ioniq 5 has a price range of approximately Rp. 3 million-Rp. 4 million for one unit of tire. Because we are indeed importing the tires, because logistically (shipping) is quite far away,” said Aprianto in Jakarta, during the introduction, Friday (2 /6/2023).

Aprianto said that the Hankook Ion tires were imported directly from the Hankook factory in Europe, precisely in Hungary, and not from a factory in South Korea.

“Because the need for electric cars themselves is widely used in European countries, we are closer to factories that target a lot of electric cars there,” he said.

Doc. Hankook

Hankook iON electric car tires

“Because the production and distribution capacity is faster for premium manufacturers’ requests,” said Aprianto.

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Aprianto said that in the future his party plans to produce electric car tires in Indonesia. However, this is waiting for the population of electric cars to increase so that they can be profitable in business.

“There is a plan, yes, but in the future we still don’t know because we are looking at the condition of the electric car population in Indonesia,” he said.

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2023-06-04 03:01:00

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