ETB and DirecTV fined for breaching services

After showing that telecommunications companies ETB and Directv were violating consumer rights, the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) fined them with $ 1,366 million and $ 728 million, respectively.

According to the SIC, In the case of ETB, it was evident that “in 18,424 cases, the company did not complete the provision of the services requested by the owners. Likewise, it was evident that in some cases, the operator omitted its obligation to keep copies of the service provision contracts, a situation that does not know its obligation to keep the contracts, as well as the evidence of modifications to the same in the terms designated by the regulator ”.

Likewise, the Superindustry indicated that “sanctions were imposed when verifying the ignorance of obligations related to the termination of the contract, the right to information, the fulfillment of promotions and the document conservation ”.

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In front of Directv, the Superindustry was able to establish that “It failed to comply with the promotion by virtue of which it offered users the installation of telephone and internet services, free months on contracted services and discounts of 50% fixed monthly charges and, in others, gave users incomplete information in relation to the terms and conditions of the alliance with ETB for the provision of Internet and telephone services, ”the agency indicates.

According to the surveillance body, the “violation of free choice rights and to terminate the contract for the provision of communications services, at any time, with the simple expression of their will, that promotions and offers are effective, receive clear and complete information from communications operators, receive a copy of contracts”.