Eternals actress feels ‘lucky’ to film sex scene with colleague

Less than ten days before the premiere of Eternals, the actors that are part of the film is in the process of press and special screenings for the press and critics.

In one of these interviews, Gemma Chan and Richard Madden testified for Empire magazine and referred to the sexual scene that they both had in the film

Gemma was asked if she was aware of the idea of ​​doing that scene in the film before the shootings, to which the actress replied that she was not and that she was “lucky” to do it with Madden: “No, we didn’t really have idea. Those scenes can sometimes be a bit tricky, but I felt very lucky to be with my friend, Richard [Madden]”.

On the part of Richard Madden, he revealed that “it was very easy” to do this type of scene, since he was with a person whom he knows and trusts: “Yes, it makes it much easier when you are with someone you trust and care. You can take care of each other. It always seems really awkward and not very funny and try to make it look relaxed and intimate when you have 300 people watching you. So it’s really [con] a friend you trust, we will try to make it as easy as possible. “

Eternals proves to be one of the films that does not present the “Marvel formula”, so it is a great surprise that awaits us within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Eternals hits theaters on November 5 of this year.