Ether cryptocurrency breaks record and reaches 4 thousand dollars

When talking about cryptocurrencies it is normal to join BitCoin. This is actually the strongest digital currency, but in this new era of cryptocurrencies there are more than 4,000.

Tonight the cryptocurrency Ether, the second most valuable cryptocurrency, reached a new record having exceeded 4 thousand dollars.

Ethereum is a platform based on Blockchain technology and Ether is the cryptocurrency that powers the platform. Bitcoin and Ether differ, above all, in their purpose. Bitcoin was created to be an alternative payment method that, in theory, could one day replace the current financial system.

The Etherum platform was created and developed to facilitate the creation of contracts and applications Peer-to-Peer through the platform vehicle currency, Ether.

So, despite the fact that Bitcoin and Ether are both cryptocurrencies, the main purpose of this last one is totally different.

Ether reaches $ 4,000 for the first time

The cryptocurrency Ether recently reached a new record. For the first time, the digital currency exceeded 4 thousand dollars. The price of the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap rose above the $ 4,000 level at around 3:00 UTC on Monday, just a week after it managed to exceed $ 3,000.

Ether cryptocurrency breaks record and reaches 4 thousand dollars

The popularity of Ether shows that this virtual currency can also be seen as an investment and this makes it stand out from most currencies that exist.

The Ethereum network is undergoing a set of updates that aim to allow faster transaction times and reduce the amount of energy needed to process transactions. As we have already mentioned in several articles, one of the negative points of cryptocurrencies, more specifically in terms of mining, is the high energy consumption.