Ethereum Hits ‘Reorg’ Ahead of Mid-Year Upgrade may cause further delay

Ethereum has found its way! Before the big upgrade ‘The Merge’ in the middle of this year, after a problem with ‘Reorg’ in the network, Vitalik pointed out that it’s not a big deal. Opposite Blockchain Developers Attack

After a major update issue, ‘The Merge’ of the Ethereum network is becoming increasingly hot. Investors, especially Ethereum enthusiasts, are excited about the upcoming updates. along with expecting anything will rise from what it is today both in terms of price and its internal working system

But on May 25, Ethereum had ‘some problems’. It wouldn’t be right to say that it was a big problem. But it’s problematic enough to cause a debate among Ethereum users and techies alike. that circulates in the crypto-currency world

The problem, dubbed ‘Reorg’ or ‘Reorganization’, is a blockchain test run. Proof-of-Stake like the Beacon chain was 7 blocks on Wednesday.

***The ‘The Merge’ is a historic upgrade of Ethereum.

before he was even more confused. If anyone still doesn’t understand, they may have to pay attention first. The Ethereum blockchain now that everyone is probably familiar with is an old blockchain. It was first launched in 2013 and first activated in 2015.

This makes Ethereum’s system still quite old. However, there have been continual improvements. However, the core system of processing transactions remains unchanged. because if it really changes It will be a very big event. and can’t be done easily overnight

But it has resulted in Ethereum encountering a number of problems, such as high transaction fees, slow transaction processing, low transaction support. Finally had to decide on a major system change by changing from Proof-of-Work which is the old system to Proof-of-Stake. to fix various problems All listed above which is scheduled to take place in August

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And the ‘Beacon chain’ is a test blockchain. Proof-of-Stake goes along with the main Ethereum blockchain, and ultimately the two blockchains are merged by an event known as ‘The Merge’, making the two blockchains a single blockchain that operates as a “stakeholder”. Proof-of-Stake

  What is ‘Reorg’? Why doesn’t Vitalik look like a big problem?

this time before anything Going well and ‘The Merge’ will actually happen sometime in August as originally scheduled. Instead, we have to meet ‘Reorg’ on the Beacon chain first.

‘Reorg’ is similar to how blockchain separates blocks. in the network apart to be able to get new blocks from new network can be combined with the original blockchain

In fact, the ‘Reorg’, in addition to being intentional. It can also be caused by a variety of other reasons. For example, from the attacks of miners with enough resources. or various errors of the network itself, such as a bug or a blockchain copying itself, etc.

On Wednesday, seven blogs on the Beacon chain were listed as ‘Missed’ instead of the usual ‘Proposed’, according to ‘Martin Köppelmann’, CEO and founder of DeFi platform Gnosis. It states that the ‘Reorg’ this time still takes a long time. ‘Longest’ in a year as well

He also stated that, as a result of this ‘Reorg’ incident, improvements to the system should be made to make the blockchain work more stable. If in the end, the Ethereum team chooses to fix this point first. This would mean that the work will be increased before ‘The Merge’ and may need to be postponed further.

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Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin tweeted that the Ethereum team is currently investigating what happened. And how can it be fixed? and found that it might not be a big deal With a tweet in response to one Ethereum developer who has come out to explain why.

The developer stated that this is because the ‘Proposer Boost’ upgrade that will help block consolidation has not been fully implemented in the network. Therefore, this problem is insignificant.

However, it is still controversial among developers, for example, Satang Pro founder Paramin Insom tweeted:

“1.Can’t fix Testnet, Delay again. The Merge 2.boost nodes. Didn’t you think that there would be a problem with reorg a $225 Ethereum project? Billion claims testnet is okay, so it wouldn’t be a good idea. 3. Because if Saying it’s testnet doesn’t matter, then you don’t need testnet, just take it to mainnet.”

with a final note that“It’s okay, it’s small. It doesn’t work with Ethereum.”

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