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EU Council Presidency: Juncker doubts Romania's leadership ability

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Juncker doubts leadership ability in Romania

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Referring to the domestic problems of Romania: EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker Referring to the domestic problems of Romania: EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker

Referring to the domestic problems of Romania: EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker


The EU Commission President criticizes the fact that the government in Bucharest did not understand what it meant to chair the EU countries. In addition Juncker pleads for the exclusion of the Hungarian Fisdesz party from the EPP.

DJust days before the start of the Romanian EU Presidency, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker expressed doubts about the government's leadership in Bucharest. The country is indeed "technically well prepared" for the six-month presidency, said Juncker WORLD AM SUNDAY.

"But I believe that the Bucharest government has not fully grasped what it means to chair the EU countries. Prudent action requires a willingness to listen to others and a strong desire to put one's own concerns behind them. I have some doubts, "the Commissioner continued.

In addition, the internal state is currently such that the country can not act as a "compact entity" in Europe. "It needs a united front at home to promote the unity of Europe during the Council Presidency," said the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

Romania takes over EU Presidency

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Romania is now taking over the EU Presidency. Austria had held these for six months previously. The Austrian Chancellor Kurz met with the Romanian President Klaus Johannis.

Source: WORLD / Kevin Knauer

Romania will take over the presidency of the EU from Austria on 1 January until the end of June.

In addition, Juncker was in favor of excluding the Hungarian Fidesz party from the conservative party family EPP (European People's Party): "I have requested in the European People's Party to exclude the Hungarian Fidesz party from (Prime Minister) Viktor Orbán. I think the Christian Democratic values ​​on which the EPP is based are no longer compatible with Fidesz's policy. "But his request was rejected, Juncker said.

At the same time he warned the established parties against copying the populists. "I think it is a big mistake that in the traditional party families the number of those who apes populists unchecked is growing. People who run after the populists, people only see from behind. "

One should not give the populists right. Juncker continued, "We must put them down by making it clear that they are just loud, but have no concrete solutions to the challenges of our time."

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