EU COVID certificates in Poland. The first million broke

The certificate proves that a person has had COVID-19, tested negative for coronavirus, or was vaccinated against COVID-19.

The EU COVID Certificate (UCC) consists of a QR code and a unique identifier that can be shown across borders. Thanks to the information contained therein, certified persons will not be quarantined or undergo additional tests.

How to download a document?

The certificate can be obtained via the Internet Patient Account (IKP). After June 25, it will also be available in the mojeIKP and mObywat applications. It can also be obtained from medical institutions (office application –, vaccination centers and from a doctor or nurse from a primary health care clinic.

The presentation of the certificate will be possible in paper and electronic versions. Regardless of the form, the certificates will be equivalent and will contain the same QR code and the same data set.

The certificate will not replace your passport

The EU COVID Certificate is to eliminate the differences in the scope of restrictions and restrictions on the freedom of movement applied by the Member States. However, it will not be a prerequisite for a possible journey, nor will it unconditionally entitle you to travel.

The certificate is valid in all EU Member States as well as Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. However, it should be remembered that all EU countries will introduce this solution only on July 1 (with a six-week transition period). Therefore, each time before traveling, you should check the applicable regulations in the country you are going to.

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