EU encourages countries to agree on a common methodology to calculate Covid-19 victims

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The European Commission recalled this Wednesday that cannot “impose” on countries a methodology of calculating fatalities by Covid-19 but encouraged them to agree on a “harmonized” approach that allows analyzing the evolution of the pandemic in the block with more precision through “more comparable” data.

“We have to respect the institutional framework in which we operate, but nothing prevents the Member States from agreeing among themselves and moving towards closest methodology“On the” calculation methodology “fatalities related to the coronavirus crisis, said in a press conference the main spokesman of the Community Executive, Eric Mamer.

“We respect the prerogatives of the Member States despite the fact that, obviously, we fully share that when more standardized and harmonized the approaches in Europe are, the more coordinated among the Member States, the better we can analyze the general situation in Europe and move forward, “he added.

For his part, the Health spokesman, Stefan De Keersmaecker, has pointed out that the Member States have “different methods” to calculate deaths from Covid-19, but this may be due to issues such as the different capacity of their health systems.

Belgium, for example, includes in its official data the deaths of suspected Covid-19 cases, although a diagnostic test will not be performed of the patient before death, a methodology that is different from that followed by the Spanish authorities, which only count confirmed cases.

De Keersmaecker explained that the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) is in contact with Member States to try “Tackle” these differences and make the data “more comparable.”

In any case, he underlined that the ECDC published guidelines on the accounting of probable cases and confirmed cases that is available on its website, and that this body plans to adhere to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). about this issue.



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