Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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EU Parliament votes for copyright reform

DThe EU Parliament has also voted in favor of introducing the so-called ancillary copyright with the reform of copyright law. Platforms such as Google News may no longer display clippings of press releases without the publisher's consent. In addition, they should be held liable for violations of copyright. However, the proposal dispenses with the explicit introduction of upload filters.

The Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee adopted a legislative text in June, but it did not have a majority in plenary in July. The plenary had around 200 amendments before the current vote. With the amended text, parliamentary negotiators are now entering into negotiations with the EU governments, with which a common law must then be formulated.

EPP MEP and Rapporteur for the dossier, Axel Voss, welcomed the adoption of the proposal. He had argued for an ancillary copyright that should allow publishers to demand payments from companies such as Google, for example for clippings or photos from newspaper articles. In addition, it should be achieved by his design that platforms such as Youtube licenses for about complete songs that are uploaded there by users. The pirate politician Julia Reda (Green Group) regretted on Twitter, the parliament voted for a so-called "Linktax" and "upload filter".

The Association of German Newspaper Publishers (BDZV) and the Association of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ) also welcome today's decision. According to the two leading associations, the new right benefits all owners of copyrighted property and all people in Europe, because the creative industry has now finally established clear rules for the big Internet companies.



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