EU will hit Russia with sanctions for helping Assad of Syria


WASHINGTON.- The president Donald Trump defended on Sunday the use of the phrase ” Mission accomplished “to describe a missile attack led by the United States in the chemical weapons program of Syria , even when his assistants stressed the continued participation of US troops and plans for new economic sanctions against Russia for allowing the government to Bashar Assad . By increasing the pressure on the president of Syria, the American ambassador. ” Everyone will feel it at this moment “Haley said, warning about the consequences for foreign allies of Assad . Donald Trump. Photo: AP. ” The international community will not allow chemical weapons to return to our daily lives “, He said. ” The fact that I was doing this more normal and that Russia was covering this, all that has to stop ” Trump tweeted on Sunday that the strike was ” carried out perfectly ” and that ” the only way in which false media could degrade was through the use of the term “Mission Accomplished “He added that he knew that the media” they would take over “of the sentence, but said it should be used frequently. ” It is such a great military term that it should be returned “, wrote. Trump tweeted ” Mission Accomplished “on Saturday after American, French and British warplanes and ships launched more than 100 missiles almost unopposed by air defenses Syria . While declaring the success, the Pentagon said that the bombing of three facilities related to chemicals left enough others intact to allow the government of Assad Use prohibited weapons against civilians if you wish. His choice of words recalled a similar claim associated with President George W. Bush after the US-led invasion of Iraq. Bush addressed the sailors aboard a Navy ship in May 2003 along with a banner of ” Mission accomplished “, a few weeks before it became clear that the Iraqis had organized an insurgency that would bind US forces for years. Photo: AP. Later on Sunday, Trump sent a letter to the leaders of Congress informing them in writing of their decision to order the strike. Under the Resolution of the Powers of War, the president must keep Congress informed about such actions. Haley He said that the three objectives of the United States to fulfill its mission are to ensure that chemical weapons are not used in a manner that could harm the national interests of the United States. UU. Defeat the Islamic State group and have a good position to observe what Iran is doing. We’re not going to leave until we know we’ve achieved those things, “he said. Haley He said the joint military attack ” It was a blow to their chemical weapons program, delaying them years “and reiterated that if Assad uses poison gas again,” United States is closed and loaded ” French President Emmanuel Macron said Sunday that France wants to launch a diplomatic initiative on Syria that would include the Western powers, Russia and Turkey. Speaking on French television BFM and on the online site Mediapart, Macron emphasized that French diplomacy can talk to Iran, Russia and Turkey on the one hand and to the United States on the other side. Photo: AP. He said: ” Ten days ago, President Trump wanted to withdraw from Syria. We convinced him to stay ” When asked about Macron’s comments, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders stressed that the plans of Trump for the region they have not changed. In a statement, he said: ” The mission of the USA UU It has not changed: the president has made it clear that he wants American forces to return home as quickly as possible ” The nightly assault on Syria was carefully limited to minimize civilian casualties and avoid direct conflict with Russia, but confusion arose over the extent to which Washington warned Moscow in advance. The Pentagon said it did not give an explicit warning. The American ambassador in Moscow, John Huntsman, said in a video: ” Before taking action, the United States communicated with “Russia for” reduce the danger of Russian or civilian victims ” Russia has military forces, including air defenses, in various areas of Syria to support Assad in his long war against the anti-government rebels. Russia and Iran qualified the use of force by the United States and its French and British allies as a ” military crime ” and a ” act of aggression “The UN Security Council rejected a Russian resolution calling for the condemnation of the” aggression “allies. Photo: AP. Assad denies that he has used chemical weapons, and the Trump administration has yet to provide hard evidence of what he says precipitated the allied missile attack: a gas chlorine attack on civilians in Douma on April 7. The United States suspects that sarin gas is also used. ” Good souls will not be humiliated “Assad said on Twitter as hundreds of Syrians congregated in Damascus, the capital, where they showed victory signs and waved flags in defiance scenes after the morning bombing. The attacks ” successfully achieved each goal “said Dana W. White, the Pentagon’s chief spokesperson. The army said there were three objectives: the Barzah chemical weapons research and development site in the Damascus area, a chemical weapons storage facility near Homs and a ” bunker “of chemical weapons a few kilometers from the second objective. Although the officials said that the singular goal was Assad’s chemical weapons capability, his air force, including the helicopters he allegedly used to launch chemical weapons against civilians, were saved. In a US military action UU A year ago in response to a sarin gas attack, the missiles eliminated nearly 20 percent of the Syrian air force, the Pentagon said. Photo: AP. The operation led by the United States won wide Western support. The NATO alliance gave its full support; NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the attack was to ensure that chemical weapons can not be used with impunity. In his televised speech from the White House on Friday, Trump said the US He was willing to maintain the economic, diplomatic and military pressure of Assad until he ended a pattern of killing his own people with internationally banned chemical weapons. That did not mean that the military attacks would continue. In fact, Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said no additional attacks were planned. When asked about the statement ” Mission accomplished “From Trump, White said it pointed to the successful pursuit of the three Syrian chemical weapons sites. What happens next, she said, depends on Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies. made it clear that the United States will not withdraw troops from Syria immediately, saying that the United States participation there ” it has not been done ” Photo: AP. Nikki Haley said the sanctions to be announced on Monday would be aimed at sending a message to Russia, which she said blocked six attempts by the UN Security Council to facilitate the investigation of the use of chemical weapons. In this note:


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