Eugenie von York: Loving homage to her father-in-law (†)

The family of Princess Eugenies (31) father-in-law, George Brooksbank (1949-2021), paid a moving tribute to his life. The retired auditor and company director passed away on Thursday, just three days before his grandson August was baptized (nine months).

The Brooksbank family paid tribute to George in an advertisement in the Daily Telegraph, quoted from Mail Online: “Brooksbank, George. Died November 18. He loved all the good things in life, but most of all his wife, his Friends, his sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. ” Details of the memorial service would be announced.

In the video above you can see her husband Eugenie von York stopping at the funeral of her grandfather Prince Philipp.

Fight against the coronavirus

In June of last year, Princess Eugenie thanked the staff of the Royal Brompton Hospital via Instagram, who had saved George Brooksbank’s life after he fell ill with Corona. Back then, Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank, 35, were warned to “prepare for the worst” when George was put on a ventilator for five weeks.

After recovering from his life-threatening struggle with the virus and being in hospital for nine weeks, Eugenie said, “I want to thank everyone at Brompton Hospital for saving my father-in-law’s life. George joined us the other day Back home so happy and as the ‘wonder man’ as he called himself. “

Rare royal double baptism

August Brooksbank was born on Sunday (November 21st) in a rare royal double christening at All Saints Chapel in Windsor Great Park together with his second cousin, Lucas Tindall (eight months) – the son of Mike (43) and Zara Tindall (40) – baptized in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II (95), who has had to take it easy on medical advice for over a month.

August Brooksbank is Jack and Eugenie’s first child. George Brooksbank was able to get to know his grandson, who was born in February, as the message says.