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Eugenie Wedding Photos: Hidden Messages, including a special gift from the Queen and where Fergie stood

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank make the perfect pair on newly released official photos taken during the couple's spectacular wedding ceremony on Friday afternoon in Windsor.

The stunning images show happy newlyweds posing for photos at Windsor Castle along with members of the Royal Family and their adorable side boys and bridesmaids.

The couple said they were "thrilled" by the pictures of portrait photographer Alex Bramall showing their pleasure in knotting.

Here are some of the things you might have missed at first glance:

Prince Philip sits next to the Duchess of York

The Duchess of York sat next to the Queen and Prince Philip

Sarah Ferguson is not the most popular person in the royal family and rumor has it that Prince Philip especially liked his former daughter-in-law.

Despite the firm friends, the wedding is also considered the first time that Andrew and Fergie have been photographed together since their divorce in 1992 was completed.

To place Fergie so close to the Royals may be a deliberate attempt to relieve the long-standing hostility between the warring family members.

But while this is undoubtedly a happy occasion for Philip and the Duchess of York, the meager stance of the Duke of Edinburgh may be discernible.

Queen is doing something we do not see often

Weddings are happy occasions, but it is not often that the omnipresent queen is portrayed with a beaming smile.

The proud grandparent looked particularly well in the officially published photo.

Dressed in blue, she sits to the left of the newlyweds and looks very happy what must have been an incredibly proud moment for her.

The bridal couple seemed very relaxed

The couple seemed to feel very comfortable as they made their way to dinner

One of the photos clearly shows the affection that the newlyweds feel for each other when they went to a private dinner on Friday night.

Eugenie, who has chosen a beautiful, blush-colored Zac Posen design, lovingly stares at her new husband as they walk hand in hand.

The couple would have been forgiven for showing the nerves of the wedding day before the speeches – but not for this happy couple.

Princess Eugenie wore a queen's hair slide

The queen wore the hair chute on a visit to the US in 1991

Princess Eugenie also wore a hair chute, which belonged to Her Majesty the Queen.

Queen Victoria's wheat ear brooches were originally commissioned by William IV in 1830 for Queen Adelaide, according to the Royal Family's website.

They were passed on to Queen Victoria in 1837 and finally to the Queen in 1952. Her Majesty wore them both as hair slides and as brooches.

A royal jewelry blogger notes that six exist, but the queen rarely wears them. In 1991, during a visit to the US, she wore one in her hair while she had one on her chest in 2010.

Robbie Williams's daughter seemed to be on her best behavior

The smiling bridesmaids stole the show

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Robbie Williams and Ayda Field's daughter revealed their naughty side by asking Sarah Ferguson if she was the queen while waiting in front of St. George's Chapel in Westminster.

"No," Fergie replied before Teddy urged, "You're a princess?"

But a picture of the bridal show shows the six-year-old standing next to Mr. Brooksbank, who puts his hand on her shoulder while she glows happily.

It's extremely hard to make kids smile for wedding photos – but Prince George and Charlotte are natural

Prince George and Princess Charlotte were pleased when they posed with their young comrades. Already in their tender age, the two have smiled a lot of practice for cameras.

In the main picture of the family, the page boys and bridesmaids, however, seemed a bit tense. Let's hope they could find their energy for the rest of the festivities.

Mia Tindall was not impressed that she had taken a picture

Little Mia did not look impressed

Zara and Mike Tindall's little girl and great-granddaughter of the queen did not look particularly amused in the pictures.

Little Mia did not manage to lift a smile as she sits on a stool in front of Prince George. The photographer also seemed to be struggling with the four-year-old looking into the camera.

Nevertheless, seven out of ten are good.

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