Eure-et-Loir: Jean-Pierre Papin’s C’Chartres wins against Créteil

C’Chartres (National 2), coached by Jean-Pierre Papin defeated Créteil (National) during a preparation match on the Brou pitch.

Arnold Lemb and the Chartrains won 2-0.
Arnold Lemb and the Chartrains won 2-0. (© Republican Action)

The 392 seats at the Brou (Eure-et-Loir) easily found a taker on Saturday August 8, 2020 for the arrival of C’Chartres and his trainer Jean-Pierre Papin.

“Apply yourself guys”

The pennant team of Eure-et-Loir (National 2) faced an opponent who evolves a notch above, Creteil Lusitanos. A great test for the players of the 1991 Golden Ball. The spectators liked to scrutinize his actions throughout his presence at Brou.

Jean-Pierre Papin speaking to his players during the warm-up.
Jean-Pierre Papin speaking to his players during the warm-up. (© Republican Action)

During the warm-up, the former player of theFrench team, of the’Olympic Marseille and you Milan AC spoke to his group. He could not help but make a few strikes to warm up his goalkeeper.

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Under oppressive heat, the match could begin. JPP, during the first fifteen minutes, remained seated on his sidelines.

The two coaches greet each other before the start of the meeting.
The two coaches greet each other before the start of the meeting. (© Republican Action)

Very calm, watching his team evolve. After a few technical errors and rough raises, he threw in his starting XI, “apply yourself guys”. He likes to encourage his players to put themselves back in place and make efforts for each other.

As for the meeting, it lacks rhythm and opportunities are very rare. The guards are not worried. Only a free kick from Chartres Archimbaud made the audience shudder. The massive defender of Chartres Soukouna then misses the inevitable on a corner. In stoppage time, the back side Ménard is close to opening the scoring. He cannot cut the cross of one of his teammates.

Big duels during this meeting.
Big duels during this meeting. (© Republican Action)

The two teams join the locker room on this goalless draw. The second half will be a little more exciting. C’Chartres tries to offer play by trying to raise short and play on the sides.

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At the 60e, Sébastien Persico finally gives the advantage to C’Chartres. On a corner, Soukouna imposes his power and deflects the ball towards the far post where his center forward is. The latter performs a half-volley that hits the post before ricocheting on an opposing defender. The ball crosses the goal line.

Magnificent goal from Villette

In the final minutes of the meeting, a young Chartrain stands out. Matthieu Villette, with a superb strike, made the break. 2-0 victory for C’Chartres.

What to remember from this match? The Eurelian team, with Malaga and Soukouna, has a quality central hinge, both in the physical duel and in the raises. The lateral rear Ménard has energy to spare. He kept going back and forth on his side until the end.

The joy of the Chartrains on the goal of Villette.
The joy of the Chartrains on the goal of Villette. (© Republican Action)

In attack, Sébastien Persicot does not spare. He offers many solutions for his teammates and does not fail to make defensive efforts. Captain Archimbaud is the middle metronome. Arnold Lemb is very restless. Note the two good starters from young Villette and Bousseaden.

“It was not an easy game in this heat. Créteil was better organized than Boulogne. Our response to the confrontation has been very consistent. This victory gives us confidence ”underlines at the end of the match, Jean-Pierre Papin.

The players suffered from the heat.
The players suffered from the heat. (© Republican Action)

Who admits “to have certainties. We are very strong and we have the ingredients to succeed ”. But he wants “more work” before the resumption of the championship “which will be very difficult given the composition of the hen”.

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