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Euro Jackpot on Friday, 08.02.2019: The jackpot was hit!

The Eurojackpot is a Europe-wide lottery, which is played in Germany and 17 other European countries. Every Friday the Eurojackpot numbers are drawn in Helsinki. The profits often reach dizzying heights.

The Euro Jackpot was not cracked last week. As a result, the sum in the lot pot has risen to 62 million euros. Whether you have set the right numbers for the Eurolotto, you can find out here.

Winning numbers from Euro jackpot on Friday, 08.02.2019:

  • Winning numbers 5 from 50: 5 – 8 – 21 – 24 – 26
  • Euro numbers 2 from 10: 4 – 5

(All statements without guarantee)

What happens when the dream of the jackpot becomes reality? t-online.de clarifies: You should pay attention to this. How long do lottery players have time to pick up their winnings? The most important questions and answers about the profit period.

The odds

Game use: 55.553.830,00 €

profit class profits quotas
1 1x 63,248,942.30 €
2 4x 590,259.40 €
3 6x 138,884.50 €
4 81x 3429.20 €
5 1.255x 199.10 €
6 2.025x 96,00 €
7 3.116x 53,40 €
8th 42.973x € 20.00
9 55.929x € 14.80
10 86.413x 13,80 €
11 214.934x € 10.00
12 769.432x 6.80 €

(All statements without guarantee)

That costs a stake in the Euro Jackpot

The stake costs two euros per typing field. There is also a one-time processing fee per ticket. If you want to play, you do not necessarily have to hand in the paper slip in the lottery collection point. It can also be played online on the websites of the lottery companies of the federal states or at the lottery service of t-online.de. The closing date for a ticket is Friday, at 7 pm for handing in the tickets on paper and at 6.45 pm for the tip via the Internet.

Profit classes at the Euro Jackpot in overview

profit class Right + Euro numbers
1 5 + 2
2 5 + 1
3 5 + 0
4 4 + 2
5 4 + 1
6 4 + 0
7 3 + 2
8th 2 + 2
9 3 + 1
10 3 + 0
11 1 + 2
12 2 + 1

Euro Jackpot started in 2012

With the Euro Jackpot, a transnational lottery format was launched on March 23, 2012. From the first day involved were Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands and Slovenia. Italy has participated in the draw since April 2012. In July of the same year, Spain joined and over the following years the number of participants increased to a total of 18 countries.

Ten million guaranteed in the jackpot

The drawing takes place on Fridays in the Finnish capital Helsinki – under the supervision of the local police. At the Eurojackpot a jackpot of at least ten million is guaranteed. For the main prize, players must type five numbers out of 50, as well as two out of a total of ten Euro numbers. The chance of winning the grand prize (class 1) is 1: 95.344.200. For the lowest winning class (class 12), two corrects of 50 and a correct number of euros are sufficient. Here is the chance at 1 to 42.



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