Euromillions: these 7 numbers that appear most often that can win you the jackpot!

The Euromillions continues to make many French people dream. With nearly 20 million regular players, it is said to be the biggest lottery game in the world. It must be said that the amounts announced are dizzying. Not long ago, the Euromillions involved no less than 130 million euros. In this time of crisis and inflation, the potential to hit the jackpot is more than enticing! Created by the Française des Jeux (Fdj), the Euromillions exists since February 2004. Various European countries participate in the draw, multiplying the players. However, finding the winning combination is not easy. It is a series of seven numbers. The Euromillions player will select five numbers in grid A (numbers from 1 to 50) and two “star” numbers in grid B. If the rule is simple, the probability of finding the exact winning series is, as for she very weak.

The Euromillions attracts and fascinates. Each player has his own method, more or less realistic, to choose his numbers. Some engage in advanced mathematics although chance remains the only master on board! There is approximately a 1 in 139,000,0000 chance of aligning the seven numbers corresponding to the biggest prize. However, as an FdJ slogan says, “ 100% winners tried their luck”. Without playing, there is no chance of winning. Some analyzes of winning combinations seem to show that certain numbers come up more regularly. These are 20, 5, 5, 23, 27, 42, 17, and 21. On the other hand, the numbers: 22, 18, 40, 33 and 36, seem to have a draw rate lower than the average. Knowing this, is the Euromillions then within reach? Nothing is less sure !

The Euromillions nevertheless allows certain players to win significant sums. If the Jackpot represents a very difficult Grail to reach, other winning combinations are a little more likely but also the astrological sign. This allows the Euromillions in particular to remain one of the public’s favorite games. However, the risk is not zero. Like many other gambling games, the risk of addiction exists. Young audiences especially, despite the law, have easy access to games like Euromillions. In these difficult times, the greed can be more pressing. Once you have fallen into the gambling spiral, it can be very difficult to get out of it. This can lead to situations of very significant financial and psychological distress. There is also a service set up by the Ministry of Health on or via telephone call (anonymous and not surcharged) on 09 74 75 13 13.