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Europa League, Betis Sevilla-Milan 1-1: goals from Lo Celso and Suso

The Rossoneri after Suso's goal in the second half. ap

The Rossoneri after Suso's goal in the second half. ap

The streak of consecutive victories of Milan is interrupted after three games. But the draw in Seville is a good point: the 1-1 with Betis, obtained in a comeback, prevents the classification of Group F become a mountain to climb. Given the easy success of Olympiacos on Dudelange, the Devil will play the passage of the round in Athens: it remains to be seen what results will be useful and which are not, for now there are three teams in one point. The worst news of the evening, for Gattuso, comes on the injury front: after the blow on the recovery times of Biglia, add to the brutal Musacchio and Calhanoglu.

Change the tactical structure of the Devil with respect to the San Siro race, but not the substance: the quality of the Andalusian dribble enough to put the Milan midfield in crisis, although thickened at the center with Kessie, Bakayoko and Calhanoglu. The Turkish, in reality, will soon find itself having to advance the range of action next to Suso, behind a Cutrone party holder (also) for the absence of Higuain. It happens soon, because the advantage of Betis is also fast: Borini off to the right sliced ​​by Junior, who finishes a nice ball tour orchestrated by Canales and Joaquin delivering to Lo Celso the assist of 1-0. Rodriguez (central version) late, Argentine to target, as in Milan. Reina collects the ball in the net on 12 'and could do it again a little later, but Sanabria not precise in sealing the doubling, with a photocopy action. The green-and-whites have the demerit, from then on, to exacerbate possession, a situation that allows Milan to reorganize a minimum, without being further attacked. Before the interval, for, Lopez should never intervene, except for ordinary administration.

 Benito Villamarin's eyes are focused on Suso, the (almost) boyfriend of the house, who grew up soccer in Cadiz. Fresh confirmation of the squad of the Spanish national team, the number 8 rossonero opaque to the interval, but in the second half definitely changes pace. He plays the charge with a soft right cross and then with the trademark, a splendid left-footed shot (9 '): Lopez must fly this time to preserve the advantage. And at 17 'Suso is center: the 1-1 comes with a cross-free kick that bounces in front of the Spanish goalkeeper and the joke. Released from the swamp, Milan believes in the possibility of the hit, and Borini has a right chance on the right, but the shot is saved. Then the unexpected happens: Kessie unintentionally collides with his partner Musacchio and the Argentine comes out on a stretcher with an immobilized neck, difficult to recover in time for Juventus. The same goes for Calhanoglu, another element that joins the crowded Rossoneri infirmary before the end. An opportunity for Borini (high pull), one for Junior closed by Reina, a huge one for Tello on which Pepe himself is exalted: then all in the locker room. With 180 minutes still ahead to gain access to the sixteenth.

Stefano Cantalupi

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