Europapark Rust lets significantly fewer visitors in: “It’s a tragedy”

Updated on 06/23/2022 at 12:18 p.m

  • Many families enjoy visiting amusement parks on vacation.
  • Whether roller coaster, petting zoo, hot waffles – behind all the offers there are people who make it possible.
  • But there are problems.

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The lack of staff is bad for the amusement parks in Germany. “It is a tragedy that runs through all companies in the leisure and tourism industry,” said Jürgen Gevers, Managing Director of the Association of German Leisure Parks and Leisure Companies.

Corona hit the companies hard. “They were the first to close and the last to reopen.” There is hardly a company that does not suffer from staff shortages – and that shortly before the high season in the holiday season.

Europa-Park in Rust caps visitor numbers

Germany’s largest amusement park, the Europa-Park in Rust, temporarily caps the daily number of visitors. In this way, “we are channeling visitor flows in order to guarantee guests an optimal experience,” said a company spokeswoman.

“There are not enough staff and the guests notice that when restaurants or food stands are not open,” said a company spokeswoman for the “Badische Zeitung”. More than 50,000 people visit the park on peak days.

In other parks, the opening hours have been shortened, says association man Gevers. There is a lack of staff everywhere – from cashiers to cleaning staff to the people who operate the rides. In some cases, sales were also lost because not all culinary offerings were available, says Gevers. But the good news for visitors is: “There is no evidence that admission prices would have to be increased due to the shortage of staff.”

Potential employees are wooed and attracted with all sorts of advantages. “People almost court them – parks offer free parking, a contract with a gym or massages,” says Marcel Bender from Schwabenpark (Kaisersbach). Lunch is free for employees there. In addition, four more inexpensive staff apartments are being built – there are already six.

Schwabenpark makes it easy for applicants

According to the company, the application process has been radically streamlined in Schwabenpark. CV, cover letter and professional photo are not required. The applicant only has to name the position he is interested in and his current employment relationship. “The HR manager then makes an appointment and some of them already have a contract in their pocket,” explains Mender.

The situation would be even more difficult without foreign employees, says Birger Meierjohann from the Tripsdrill adventure park (Cleebronn). One has had good experiences with an agency that sends workers from Tunisia. Students from Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Bosnia help out in the high season. At the beginning of the season, individual stations for the sale of snacks were still closed due to a lack of employees. The company is confident of being able to fill the required 450 positions by the peak season.

Europa-Park has already hired 25 Ukrainian refugees. “It works very well and we expect further successful recruitment,” said a spokeswoman. However, language barriers still need to be broken down.
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