Europe 1: Arnaud Tsamère weeps with laughter in front of Marc-Antoine Le Bret

The sketch had its effect. This morning, Arnaud Tsamère was the guest of “Culture Médias” presented by Philippe Vandel on Europe 1. As every day, the comic Marc-Antoine Le Bret entered the studio for a humorous post of his best imitations around the topicality of the personality. For Arnaud Tsamère, the imitator had fun copying in particular the voices of Michel Drucker and Laurent Ruquier.

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“Great, Tsamère!”

It was Marc-Antoine Le Bret himself who came to tell you something“, began Philippe Vandel.”Hi Arnaud, we know each other! He’s super talented. Today, he is truly the king of the absurd. I got to know him at a festival“, began the chronicler. And to take the voice of Raphaël Mezrahi:”Just before it was produced by Raphaël Mezrahi. Yes hello. I remember the festival Marc-Antoine talks about. It was a Monday evening … Oh no, it was a Wednesday. Because there was no school … Anyway … No, it was a Friday because on TV, there was Arthur“.

Faced with these first imitations, Arnaud Tsamère burst out laughing, clapping his hands. Marc-Antoine Le Bret then chained the voices of Franck Dubosc, Elie Semoun and Jean-Marie Bigard, under the loud hilarity of the guest. “It wasn’t in a festival, it was in ‘We only ask for a laugh’“, dropped a false Laurent Ruquier.”Oh no, sorry, it was in ‘Vivement dimanche’, when he was doing his duet with Ben. Great, Ben. Terrific, Tsamere“, continued the comedian, this time camping the voice of Michel Drucker.

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“I am I am…”

He concluded his humor post by imitating Julien Lepers: “Top ! I am an imitator, who officiates on Europe 1. I do not remember the name of the festival where I met Arnaud Tsamère. I am … I am … Marc-Antoine Le Bret. I hope to win an encyclopedia of absurd humor by Arnaud Tsamère. Thank you !“. “Well done ! Well done ! Excellent!“, reacted Arnaud Tsamère, wiping the tears of laughter on his face. offers you to watch the sequence.