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Europe 1: where have the 518 000 listeners gone?

Europe 1 failed to redress its hearing. The Nikos effect did not work.
            At the end of August, Europe 1 had gone to reconquer the million listeners lost the two previous seasons. Alas, in two months, the radio has lost another 518 00 in one year to finish at a historic low of 6.2% audience. Laurent Guimier, the new boss of Europe 1, wanted to rebuild the audience of the station starting with the morning, real prime time of the radio. He entrusted Nikos Aliagas with the slice of the 7h-9h hoping that this figure of the small screen would incarnate a greater proximity with the listeners. In an interview with the Buzz du Figaro at the end of August, he acknowledged that he was taking a risk and felt that "next week, I will know if we have made our bet" Result, the morning of Nikos Aliagas has lost 154 000 listeners to gather only 942,000 listeners in the quarter of an hour average. It's worse than Patrick Cohen, however, decried at the end of the previous season, and less well than Thomas Sotto who gathered more than 1.1 million listeners each morning. The morning was to be the launching pad of the new grid and then rebuild the other highlight of a radio: the afternoon. The bet Laurence Boccolini between 16h and 17 hours has never worked. His program was quickly cut to advance the slice of information of Matthew Belliard from 17 hours. Again, it does not work. The afternoon of Europe 1 loses another 12% of audience to drag to 163,000 listeners in the quarter of an hour average. Europe 1 is out of the competition. Between 4pm and 6pm, RTL's Les Grosses Têtes still top the list with 1.31 million listeners, even though the show is down slightly by 4%. Opposite France Inter with Charline Vanhoenacker shows 591,000 listeners on average. And surprise, NRJ placed the host Cauet at 17 hours which immediately increased the audience to 488 000 listeners. There is still room to exist in front of "Big Heads". France Inter and France Culture have welcomed new listeners Another snag in the grid of Europe 1, the voice of Caroline Dublanche who spellbinding the nights of listeners of Europe 1 has passed the competition at RTL with 317 000 followers. On Europe 1, Sophie Peters, she lost a third of the audience to 308 000 listeners. Even if the stakes are low in these nocturnal hours, falling asleep on the show Caroline Dublanche had at least the interest to wake up with his post on Europe 1. An advantage that the radio has let slip. In fact, the whole grid of Europe 1 has dropped. Early morning with Matthew Christmas (-22% audience), morning, late morning with Anne Roumanoff (-16% audience) until the information slice from 18h-20 hours with Matthieu Belliard ( -16% of audience) The half million faithful of Europe 1 who left the station mainly came to swell the ranks of the public service with France Inter which gained 260 000 listeners in one year and France Culture which seduced 319,000 new listeners. These two stations also benefited from internal transfers due to the decline of France Info (- 191,000 listeners). But we can also imagine that disappointed Europe 1 have simply decided to close their radio because the general radios have lost 455 000 listeners on the wave. .


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