Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Europe : 4 amendments to the’a total ban on the fishing of electrical


The members of the european parliament Younous Omarjee (GUE/NGL), Yannick Jadot (Verts/ALE), Isabelle Thomas (S&D), and Patricia Lalonde (ALDE) have deposited with more than sixty members of the european parliament from different political groups and countries, four amendments to prohibit completely the fishing for electricity in Europe.

Banned in most countries of the world, the electro-fishing is also prohibited in the european Union since 1998. However, an exemption has been granted in 2006 to the fishermen of the netherlands and allows them to use this method harmful in the whole of the North sea, including in waters in French and English.

All fishermen and scientists who have observed its effects testify to serious consequences and irreversible impacts of this fishing method on fish and ecosystems. And the collapse of the resource endangers the fishing and may eventually lead to the disappearance of the artisanal fishermen in the areas where this fishing method is used.

On January 16, the european Parliament will be called to speak in plenary session on electro-fishing and on the amendments proposed by Younous Omarjee, Yannick Jadot, Isabelle Thomas and Patricia Lalonde.

permission, even partial, the electro-fishing opens the way to excesses and environmental impacts social, economic, and potentially irreversible“, warns Younous Omarjee. “It is essential today to definitively ban the fishing barbarian who is electrocuting the marine ecosystem, killing everything in its path and sparing no living organism “.

The european Commission has committed two serious errors in this file “, adds Isabelle Thomas. “It has not complied with the opinion of its scientific committee, which advocated the granting of any derogation, whereas the CFP requires to take into account the best scientific advice. It has not allowed the parliamentary vote in an informed manner. A massive vote prohibiting electro-fishing will remind him how democracy works “.

For Yannick Jadot, mep, Greens/efa, ” the european Commission has clearly failed to fulfil its obligations : to base its recommendations on those of the sciences, monitor the scientific nature and the number of exemptions granted, inform the european Parliament in full transparency. It appears once again more attentive to the interests of a lobby predator to the interest of the general european, the survival of artisanal fishermen and protection of marine ecosystems. This is why the european Parliament should postpone the vote to allow members to hear the Commission on its decisions to be scandalous and take the only decision sensible : out of the european exception and to prohibit a destructive fishing to the environment, fishermen and coastal territories “.

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