Europe besieged by Covid. And Italy finds itself surrounded: “Second wave already underway” – La Stampa

PARIS. Belgium announces the second wave, German experts say that Germany is already immersed in the second round of Covid: too many outbreaks, difficult management and contagion numbers on the rise for a week now. And all while a 42-page document by the French scientific committee reveals that the virus is not under control and that in France too the second wave is around the corner. Not in the fall – as the forecasts of a few months ago made it clear – but already next month. So Macron, the president who yesterday went to speak to a group of elderly accompanied by his wife Brigitte, is forced to reiterate that respect for the rules – distancing and mask – is essential. In addition to the invitations, let us understand, it could however trigger mandatory in Paris. The capital is Covid’s third case department and Mayor Anne Hidalgo would already like to wear masks in shopping malls, along the Seine River, in parks and gardens, as well as in open-air markets.

The live map, here’s how the coronavirus is spreading day by day all over the world

As a great patient in Europe, Italy today, better positioned as regards the number of infections than the other major continents, she is surrounded by patients who are sicker than her. He does not rule out – says the deputy minister from Sanità Sileri – to close the borders should friends from across the Alps lose control over the spread of the virus.

In short, Europe is afraid, but it is still moving in random order to face the unknown factor of the invisible enemy. The words of the president of the Belgian Scientific Committee, Steven Van Gucht, are lapidary: «It is clear that the second wave of Covid-19 has arrived. The number of infections in Belgium is growing and it is not a small increase. We don’t know how long it will last and how long the curves will go. ” Of course, he points out that “this second wave may not have dramatic consequences” because “the measures put in place by the National Security Council can work”. According to the latest data released by Brussels, the average number of coronavirus infections rose to 517 between 25 and 31 July, with an increase of 60% compared to the previous week. The total number of infections is now equal to 70,314, the deaths are 9 850.

How long does a pandemic last? Here is the comparison with those of the past

Neighboring Holland doubled in cases in a week, while Poland – actually quite virtuous country until June – for the fifth day in a row records growing numbers. And the number of infections in Germany has also risen again in the last 24 hours (212,539 cases in total and 9,162 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University), with 870 new cases, according to the Robert Koch Institut. “We are already in a small second wave,” warns the president of the German Medical Association Marburger Bund, Susanne Johna. «The danger is to nullify the successes collected so far», is Johna’s fear and, even if the growth is not comparable to the numbers of March and April and the hospitals are prepared to welcome patients, «there is the danger of playing for the successes sincenow collected ». That’s why in Berlin they look forward to Mecklenburg where lessons in the class resumed on Monday. No masks, rigid rules, groups that cannot “mix” during the break and when leaving and entering school, quick swabs and removal of suspicious cases. All well prepared. But it is not enough to erase the thymeri.

Coronavirus: daily activities that put us at risk of contagion according to US doctors

Romania is also concerned, the most affected among the Balkan countries, with 1,232 new cases in the last 24 hours that bring the total to 55,241. There were 48 deaths. Those who arrive in Italy from Romania, as well as from Bulgaria, are obliged to quarantine for two weeks while entry is forbidden for others

Non-EU Balkan countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia. The alarm for the resumption of infections does not cease even in Spain where the Mutua Madrid Open of tennis has also been canceled.

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