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imagine you were living in German-French border area, had moved freely in both countries over the years and happily followed the initiatives of a common region. And now all of a sudden you find plastic cuboids as reincarnation of something related to Schengen and the internal market seemed done: borders. So you would ask: where is my Europe? The Interior Minister is likely to recognize that the fight against Sars-CoV-2 is a pan-European task and that nationalisms do not help Horst Seehofer (CSU), the master of the barriers, do not close. His boss Angela Merkel already announced that it was important to her that the controls should not continue “until the end of the year”. The benchmarks are the Netherlands and Belgium: there were never any border controls.

Chancellor Merkel plans to gradually open the common border together with France.

Chancellor apparently discussed Merkel in a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron already a gradual opening. The Élysée Palace confirms this. The EU Commission will also today recommend the disappearance of the border barriers in the Schengen area. If tour operators and hotels take the necessary precautions, too Vacation trips possible this summer, writes the Brussels authority in a paper that we have before us. Gives hope Paolo GentiloniEU Economic and Monetary Commissioner: “We will definitely have a tourist season in the summer, but with security measures and restrictions”.

The Travel propagandists comes an unassailable decision of the Lower Administrative Court of Lower Saxony: After that, citizens who come to Lower Saxony from abroad no longer have to pay a flat fee quarantine issue. According to the verdict from Lüneburg, this constraint should also drop quickly in other federal states.

Who is right about Corona? Donald Trump, the enemy of the mask, or Anthony Fauci, his chief virologist and member of an anti-virus task force in the White House? This question was also raised yesterday by a Senate committee before which Fauci gave a detailed hearing. The scientist warned the American states and cities of the consequences if they reopened too quickly after the restrictions. It could be too uncontrollable “outbreaks” come to a second or third wave. The warning is in stark contrast to Trump’s verbal easing orgy in recent days. Cicero comes to mind: “I’d rather be wrong with wise men than be wrong with the ignorant.”

Mark Zuckerberg is now investing in a lobby group that is supposed to convince legislators and regulators to take action against Facebook & Co.

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Unlike in times of Barack Obama the relationship between Silicon Valley and Washington is currently terrible. Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, the “Citizen Kane of the digital age”, is now reflecting on the success of a new political lobby group called “American Edge”. In addition to Facebook, other actors are also involved. The non-profit organization aims to illustrate with advertising campaigns and donations that the one controlled from the US west coast Internet economy essential for the American economy and the future of freedom of speech. Legislators and regulators should be persuaded to take action against Facebook & Co. To keep measure. The greater the power, the smaller the shame.

My colleagues have the IG Metall boss on the situation in the industry Jörg Hofmann interviewed – mandatory reading at a time when VW is throttling the production that has just started again, because there is a lack of audience in the car dealerships. As a stand-alone measure, the trade unionist rejects the currently discussed government purchase bonuses for cars from: “We need an economic stimulus package that will boost the breadth of the economy.” An acceleration of the ecological and digital conversion is necessary, Hofmann prefers an environmental bonus, also for low-emission internal combustion engines. In addition, the IG Metall man complains that the auto industry is itself Egg in the nest “She shouted for purchase premiums at the wrong time and now complains that the buyers are waiting for it.”

In the Dax is the Göppingen tech company Team viewer not yet – but that’s what CEO’s salaries are for Oliver Steil (41.3 million euros) and CFO Stefan Gaiser (20.8 million) more than worth Dax. What does the ex-VW boss’s 16 million salary count? Martin Winterkornthat everyone was excited about! The two Teamviewer strategists benefit from generous gifts from their majority shareholder Permira: At least the two of them conjured up proceeds of 2.2 billion from the private equity company when it went public. Permira is delighted by two things: that in 2014 only 870 million were purchased and that Teamviewer with its software for remote control of computers Corona crisis winner is.

Will India become the new China? Can the hindu democracy one day the Communist People’s Republic as an economic one Superpower To replace Asia? India’s premier Narendra Modi does not want to miss anything and announces a government aid package of $ 266 billion to stimulate the economy after Corona: “Courageous reforms” should ensure that this “India’s Century” will. In particular, Modi hopes to lure US manufacturers away from China with generous pledges. The Americans reportedly plan to move almost a fifth of their production. So run with Apple already intensive discussions about an expansion of the cell phone production in India.

The rise of Blackrock the world‘s most powerful financial company would be without that Regional bank PNC from Pittsburgh was hardly possible, the loans and shares took over. Now the 22 percent shareholder gets out to make himself crisis-proof and buy other banks; the amount of capital used has increased sevenfold. The of Larry Fink headed giant Blackrock takes over some of the own shares Fink also makes for unusual things – so you take over shares and a seat on the supervisory board of Members Exchange, a new Wall Street exchange that will challenge the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq from the third quarter. Fink’s team usually stays away from control bodies, only at Apple did Blackrock co-founder Sue Wagner Indent.

Sebastian Vettel leaves his employer Ferrari at the end of the year.

(Photo: AP)

And then there is the four-time Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettelthat is available again in the labor market. The 32-year-old from Heppenheim will be at the end of the year Ferrari left where the hopes for titles and trophies were not fulfilled. Perfect harmony in Monza could be given the oversized heritage of Michael sSchumacher be no talk. To make matters worse, the internal competition with the second Ferrari driver also escalated Charles Leclerc. Now speculations are rolling over who will follow Vettel at Ferrari and where the German is headed. That it Mercedes has at least a black-red-gold punch line. Vettel can deal with the aphorist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg comfort: “It is not said that it will get better if it changes. But if it is to get better, it has to be different. ”

I wish you a safe course – and of course that it will be different and better. After all, the mask emergency is over, explains Health Minister Jens Spahn.

Warm greetings to you

Hans-Jürgen Jakobs
Senior editor

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