Europe to Block Facebook and Instagram in a Month?

1. Not Using the Right Name

Facebook doesn’t want anything awkward being used as your name. As the rules state: “The name on your profile must be the name your friends call in everyday life,” wrote Facebook.

“This name must also appear on the ID form or document from our ID list,” the company added, as quoted from The SunSaturday (9/7/2022).

Accordingly, unusual symbols, numbers, uppercase letters, repeated characters or punctuation marks may not be allowed.

2. Rarely Used Account

If you haven’t logged into your Facebook account for a long time, Facebook may decide to delete it permanently.

It’s not clear how long the timeframe will be, but Facebook’s policy site says it can “empty accounts with prolonged dormancy”.

The company will seek more information about the account before taking action to temporarily restrict the account to permanently deactivating it.

So, you might get a warning email first from Facebook.