European Cup ︱ Portugal failed to defend the title C Ron threw the captain’s armband Chasat hinted that it is difficult to help Belgium’s top 8 punches (17:54)-20210628-Sports-News

The two teams used long-range shots as the main goal. In the end, the match won with wing guard Dugan Chasat in 42 minutes. However, Qiyun Dibuni sprained his ankle with a flying shovel, and Chasat was injured in the second half. . The latter expects that he will miss the Italian team in the top 8: “I pulled to my thigh and only learned of the injury tomorrow, but as the captain, I will continue to stay with the team to help.” His brother Dugan Chasat was dissatisfied with the level of law enforcement: “This game The football club will be the focus, and Aidan (Chasat) alone, I have missed at least 3 times.”

The Portuguese army was the most threatening in the end of the Raphael Guri road with a right-footed hit to the center post, and finally wasted the opportunity at Diagozuda, etc. Bannu Fernandez and Zuofilis did not contribute much to the reserve. Down, failed to equalize. Coach Ferrando Santos lamented that he never scored a goal: “The players have put in all their efforts, but this is football. Belgium has scored 1 in 6 shots. His team scored 23 goals and scored the center post.” As for the 36-year-old Ronald C. Completion is believed to be his last European Cup. He broke the match and scored record in one fell swoop this month. However, he has scored 109 goals in the international competition, only tying the Iranian legend Day, and he was the first to step out of the field after the game. The player who threw the captain’s armband angrily on the ground and kicked it away.

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