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European elections. Ian Brossat launches a tour of France of threatened maternity hospitals

Posters "I love my motherhood" are still in place in the lobby of the hospital group Creil (Oise), occupied by staff, who oppose the closure of the maternity and its transfer to Senlis (1) . Yesterday the flags of the PCF were added. Ian Brossat, head of the PCF list for the European elections, launched with Marie-Hélène Bourlard, second on the list, a tour of France maternity, which will include the maternity of the White (Indre) Sunday. What greets Paul Cesbron, former head of maternity, today member of the support committee: "For a year, we gather, we inform the population and now we occupy. It is such a scandal that we are still surprised that we can maintain this decision. The struggle can only be victorious if it becomes national. »Even European. For Ian Brossat wants "the issue of public services is one of the major issues" of the May poll. In question, "the absurd rule of 3%, imposing measures that we rot life, harms the territories and degrades the living conditions."

"You can count on us to carry this fight"

In twenty years, half of the maternities have disappeared, according to the elected Paris, which opposes a "simple idea": "End the scrap of public services." "You can count on us to carry this fight," he said to the staff present, not far from the placards "Minimum numbers, maximum risks" brandished by the emergency workers on strike since January 31. And both of them recall the concrete consequences of these decisions: "If there is a complication during delivery, the emergency doctors, who are already suffering from years of deteriorating working conditions, are not trained," says Loïc Pen, emergency doctor who resigned in December to warn about this closure and now candidate on the PCF list. Jean-Pierre Bosino, PCF mayor of Montataire, highlights the firm oppositions of the eleven mayors of the basin creillois, while referring to these women giving birth in their car or ambulance. Either a "endangering women and children" for Marie-Hélène Bourlard, even though "health should not have a price". "We would like to make us believe that it is an expert debate but the Europeans are not disconnected from these subjects, they have a concrete impact," says Ian Brossat.

Nine doctor departures, sign of "disgust of caregivers"

The Creil maternity ward, level 3 – certifying a neonatal resuscitation service and a specialization in monitoring at-risk pregnancies – is 1,500 births per year. Since the announcement of its closure, nine doctors have left the hospital, testifies Paul Cesbron, which conveys the "disgust of caregivers". A reality that the Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, does not hear. Ironically, she went yesterday, with the Prime Minister, in Indre-et-Loire to introduce the health law, presented tomorrow in the Council of Ministers. The opportunity, perhaps, to "see the disaster produced by their policies" and "to draw the right conclusions by listening to the people on the ground," points Ian Brossat, who refers to the claim "recurring" yellow vests on "equal access to fundamental rights". "If, in the government, they want a debate (in reference to the great national debate – Ed), let it be! For its part, Alain Bruneel, PCF du Nord MP, will be tabling a bill in a few days for a moratorium on maternity closures. Which would allow a "real debate".


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