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European elections. Left, a scenario not written in advance

On the left, the situation in view of the May European elections is more fluid than ever. A dozen days after the debate of the 12 candidates on France 2, which has sounded the media entry campaign, the landscape is far from frozen. Among those who stood out on this occasion, the head of the communist list, Ian Brossat, long given 2% of the voting intentions by Ifop, now reaches 3.5% in the last delivery of the institute, this Friday. A cape of past, the one fixing the reimbursement of the campaign, which welcomes the national secretary of the PCF. "We feel, through the affluence of our meetings and the positive thrill in the polls, that something is happening," says Fabien Roussel. The ideas we have been putting forward for ten months are bearing fruit. A dynamic is slowly taking place. If he is ahead for the time Génération.s (3%) – with whom, despite "discussions" until recent days, an alliance has flipped – the next step for the PCF is that of 5%, the threshold for sending MEPs to the European Parliament. To climb it, the training intends to be heard on the social issue, echoing the "popular anger" against the Macron policy.

"By voting for us, every vote will count," says PCF

This weekend, Ian Brossat castigated in a forum, the proposal of "Smic € 900" candidate LaREM, defending a European version "at least 60% of the average salary", in France 1,400 net euros. In addition to "almost daily meetings", the list also includes initiatives that strike the public mind. Next step, after the presentation of his program in the coming days, at the French-Belgian border, May 4, with the PTB to denounce the tax evasion. "The next few weeks will be decisive, we miss a little more than one point to get the 5%. We have to convince leftist non-voters. By voting for us, each vote will count, not only to win a deputy but four, "recalls Fabien Roussel.

The landscape is no less fragmented and the order of arrival is not given in advance. At the head of the left, the insubordinate France and Europe Ecology-the Greens are neck and neck. After entering the arena of Jean-Luc Mélenchon in Caen – the MP for Marseille ensuring at least one meeting per week since -, the IF took the first place with 8.5% of the voting intentions, according to the same Ifop survey, ahead of an EELV point, but far from LaREM or the RN at more than 20%. To progress, the rebellious, whose top man, Manon Aubry, participated in a new summit Plan B in Stockholm this weekend, have initiated a new operation. After the "Holovans", the personalities of the movement yesterday invested a dedicated site and social networks on the theme "# Sortirdestraités". On the other hand, Raphaël Glucksmann did not observe the expected takeoff, with a public PS-Place list given between 5% and 5.5% since April 1st. "I never thought there would be a Glucksmann effect in two weeks," tried tempering the person this weekend. Half of the 22 founding members of PP would have left, reports AFP, some denouncing too verticality, others the alliance with the PS. In the latter, the atmosphere is not rosier, the relatives of Stéphane Le Foll denouncing a "strategic error". In total, with LO credited with 1%, the six lists on the left reach 29% of voting intentions.


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