European Rail System Joint Undertaking


  • Mission: the European Rail System Joint Undertaking (EU-Rail) aims to establish, through an integrated system approach, a high-capacity, flexible, multimodal, sustainable, reliable and integrated European rail network for passenger transport and goods.
  • Executive director: Carlo Borghini
  • Partners: the EU (represented by the European Commission) and member companies
  • year of creation: 2021 (Shift2Rail, its predecessor, was created in 2014)
  • Workforce: 29
  • Seat: Brussels, Belgium
  • Site web: European Rail System Joint Undertaking

EU-Rail is the European Railway Research and Innovation Partnership under the Horizon Europe Program (2020-2027), which succeeded the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking.

This partnership aims to accelerate research and development in the field of innovative technologies and operational solutions. It supports EU policies and objectives for the rail sector, the competitiveness of this sector, as well as the European rail supply industry. EU-Rail accelerates the use of integrated, interoperable and standardized technological innovations needed to support the Single European Railway Area.


EU-Rail aims to build an integrated high-capacity European rail network by removing barriers to interoperability, offering solutions for full integration (covering traffic management, vehicles, infrastructure and services) and by accelerating the adoption and deployment of innovation through funded projects. It promotes digitalization and automation in order to reduce costs, increase capacity and enhance the flexibility and reliability of the railway sector. Its work is based on a functional system architecture shared by the sector, in coordination with the EU Agency for Railways.

The European rail system should also be integrated into the whole transport system. EU-Rail supports the development of a strong and globally competitive European rail industry.

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Its objectives are defined to meet the strategic objectives of the EU, its vision for the rail sector and the challenges inherent in the transformation of the rail system.

The EU-Rail partnership aims to ensure a rapid transition to a European rail system that:

  • adapts to changing customer requirements;
  • improves performance and capabilities;
  • reduces costs;
  • contributes to more sustainable transport;
  • offers a harmonized approach to adapt to changes in the sector;
  • strengthens the role of rail in transport and travel in Europe;
  • contributes to strengthening the competitiveness of the European rail supply sector.


  • Passengers
  • Freight customers
  • Transport companies
  • Infrastructure management companies
  • Railway equipment sector

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