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Europeans: Hamon presents his list Tuesday, the left in crumbs

The left has never been so far from the rally in the European elections. Noting the failure of his proposal for "citizens vote for the union » made early February, Benoît Hamon announces this Sunday in The Parisian that he will present on Tuesday, "The top 30 candidates of [sa] listing" stamped with the logo of his only party, Génération.s. "There will be such personalities as Françoise Sivignon, former president of Doctors of the World, and Salah Amokrane, a figure of the movement Motivé-e-s"said the former candidate of the Socialist Party in the presidential election now at the head of his own training. Not to mention the Marseillaise Sarah Soilihi, defector of rebellious Jean-Luc Mélenchon and, of course, Benoît Hamon himself, topping the list, as he had announced in early December. "There is another scenario that the deleterious match between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, a trap debate between pro and anti European, he says this Sunday in The Parisian. Our list will prove that there can be another Europe than liberal. "

Generation at 3%, the PS at 5%

The dispersion of the lists on the left is thus well advanced: besides Hamon with Génération.s, one thus finds those of France insubordinated with Manon Aubry, of Europe Ecology-the Greens (EE-LV) drawn by Yannick Jadot, of the PCF with Ian Brossat and the Socialist Party with, normally, his first secretary Olivier Faure at his head. A national council of the PS should decide in mid-March. It remains to be seen what will happen in this field of ruins, the movement Place Publique around intellectuals like Raphael Glucksmann, Thomas Porcher and Claire Nouvian, who had set the goal of gathering a part of the forces of the left. "Everything is still possible"assures Hamon, however, remembering why he refused to ally himself with the Socialists when he just left the former formation of the rue de Solferino: "I want honesty, […] I refuse the small agreements concluded in the backs of the citizens, without clear program, without solid commitment, the speeches of the Bourget which end in CICE or deprivation of nationality. […] We must assume the debates between those who wish to remain in austerity and productivism and those who, like us, want to leave. " According to the latest surveys of intention to vote in the European, a list Génération.s would be between 3 and 4%, that of the PS between 5 and 6%.

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