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Europeans: LREM remains in the lead, two points ahead of the RN

The list of The Republic in Marche allied to the MoDem (22.5%) is two points ahead of the National Gathering (20.5%) in the voting intentions in the European elections, both gaining 0.5% in one month, according to a Harris Interactive poll and Epoka Agency broadcast Sunday.

With a month and a half of the May 26 vote, the balance of power is generally stable compared to a previous wave of inquiry of the same institute of March 10.

The leading duo still largely stands out from the other formations: Republicans get 14% (+ 1) of voting intentions, ahead of insubordinate France (9% / stable) and ecologists of EELV (7.5, -0 , 5 points), the Socialist Party (6.5% / + 1.5), France (4%, -1) and Generations (4% / + 1).

If the poll was held Sunday, a list of "yellow vests", still hypothetical, would collect 2.5% (-0.5), according to this survey for LCI, RTL and Le Figaro.

Ian Brossat's PCF list gains 1.5 points at 2.5% while the Labor Pact list loses one point to 1%. Les Patriotes lists 1% of voting intentions (-1) while Jean-Christophe Lagarde's UDI and Fran├žois Asselineau's UPR win a point at 2%.

Jean Lassalle threw in the towel, lack of resources.

The absence of a "yellow vests" list would benefit the RN, which would rise to 21% of voting intentions, environmentalists (8%) and LFI (9.5%), while LREM / MoDem would remain stable at 22%, 5%.

To obtain elected representatives, a list must collect at least 5% of the votes.

Imigration is at the top of the list of topics considered important (42% +2), just ahead of purchasing power (41%, stable), taxes (38%, + 4) and the environment (37%, + 3).

Survey conducted online on April 12 and 13 among 1,031 people registered on the electoral lists, according to the quota method.

Voting intentions do not constitute a forecast of results. They give an indication of the balance of forces and dynamics on the day of the survey.


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