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Europeans: Raphael Glucksmann preaches in pink countryside

Saturday, mid-afternoon: Raphael Glucksmann arrives on the place Charles-de-Gaulle, in Lilas (Seine-Saint-Denis), a quiet step, adorned with a pair of Stan Smith gray and a blue hooded jacket with big pockets. A delegation of the Socialist Party welcomes him. The top of the list for the Europeans begins by surveying the alleys of a flea market. Daniel Guiraud, PS Mayor of the city for almost twenty years, officiates as a guide. The onlookers turn around only too rarely. On the other hand, two women, installed behind their stand, watch for her passage. The first launches to the second: "Here, look, this is Léa Salamé's dude." The founder of Public Place walks at his own pace, describes his love of PSG to a young man, jokes with the members of his team. Badin.

The delegation goes away for a moment from the flea market. She joins socialist activists from the section of the city. A handful of souls from the old world patiently wait under the portraits of the two socialist presidents of the Ve Republic, the two François, Mitterrand and Holland, who decorate the section. After a short introduction, Daniel Guiraud gives the floor to Raphael Glucksmann and invites him to get on a chair. As often when he speaks, the head of the PS-Place public list makes big gestures of the hand. From the top of his chair, he chants his "love" for Europe and conveys a message: "It's the beginning of an exciting story. I tell you, we must not shave the walls, we must not be ashamed, we defend the noble values ​​of the left. And we must be proud of it. " Strong words that he still could not have pronounced a few days ago.


The day before, we were sitting by her side, on the terrace of a Parisian café, to look back on the first days of her new life. Raphael Glucksmann stopped for a long time on the evening of April 4th. That evening, it was the first televised debate between the twelve main candidates for the Europeans. The head of the list missed the exercise. He was not "Actor but spectator", He concedes. Strangely, he lived this moment as a "Click". Without hiding, he argues: "Since the launch of Place public in November, I have always been surrounded, I never found myself alone. There, during the debate, it was the first time. I realized that I did not assume the alliance with the PS when there was no reason. Yes, I am a social democrat and yes, ecology must be at the heart of our project: the two are linked! Since then, I feel much better and I'm having fun in the countryside. " In the wake of the debate in France 2, the author of Children of emptiness (Allary Editions) held his first meeting in Toulouse, where he confessed something uncomfortable: his difficulty in calling voters to vote for him. He also met the socialist senators. Many of them were not very happy to see him carry the PS list. They were pushing for it to be a head of the house. The fear of "Erasure" They say. One of them confides: "It was not against him, poor fellow; it was against the strategy of the first secretary. Since then, Glucksmann proves that he wants to work in good understanding with us. It's a good thing, we do not have to lather it up. " Nevertheless, in the Socialist Party, rancor never disappears completely. The same senator warns: "If the list achieves a bad score, Olivier Faure will be accountable."

In the meantime, the head of the list, "Without losing one's freedom", tries to learn the codes. With the press, he hides his secrets badly, gives himself up easily. Example: his relationship with François Hollande. At the beginning of the month, the former President of the Republic declares on France Inter: "I vote in all elections. I will vote for the Socialists, I always vote for the Socialists, must there still be any. " When Glucksmann is asked if he has tried to get in touch with Holland, no word comes out of his mouth, he smiles and his eyes betray him. We understand then that the two men met. It was Friday morning, rue de Rivoli, in Paris, in the offices of the former head of state. For over an hour, they talked about Europe, the rise of populism and "Importance" to (re) build an alternative "credible" to the left. They promised themselves not to break the thread. The entourage of François Hollande said that it is the new kid who contacted the former president by SMS. They did not know each other before this meeting.

In November, at the official birth of Place public, the essayist refused to take all the space, he wanted to share his sunshine, especially with Claire Nouvian. Today it "Assumes to be a leader", to speak "Without being afraid" to disappoint. "After my enthronement as top of the list, I did media and I was very bad, he said. I was trying to satisfy everyone. I decided to be natural, use my words and found myself. " However, Raphael Glucksmann still does not take off in the polls. And do not scare his opponents. They predict him a painful ballot. Some even see the public PS-Place list crash, May 26, below 5% – minimum score to send candidates to Strasbourg. An ecological leader writes us: "His young career in politics can end quickly. Raphael plays big by joining forces with a party that is at worst and can no longer be central on the left. " The former adviser to the presidency of Georgia tells himself another story. He compares his trajectory to that of Manon Aubry, the head of the list of insubordinate France, with whom he maintains "Good" reports. "At first, she had a little trouble, it's not easy for a person from civil society to carry a list. Today she is doing much better; it took him a break-in period, it's the same for me. Soon, I'll be at the top, he said, with a big smile. In the coming days, he will multiply public meetings and meetings across the country: "Debate is not my thing; on the other hand, I feel like talking to an audience, exchanging. "


Saturday night, the head of the list was in Pantin, in Seine-Saint-Denis, for a celebration of the Rose with the local PS activists. At ease, he climbed on stage before the meal. During his speech, he was worried about the match "Organizes" between populists and liberals and has once again declared its love for Europe. "Politics needs love, romance," he blew. The chairman of the departmental council, Stéphane Troussel, smiled: "Nobody knows what it's going to give, but it's good for us. His speeches reassure the socialist militants who used to use snoring words. " On his way down the stage, the "romantic" had the right to a rose and selfies. An activist went to him to prove to him, portable in hand, that he had just made a "Ask friend" on Facebook. He made him understand that he was hoping for a positive response. Raphael Glucksmann, a little embarrassed, sketched a small smile.

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