Eurovision Song Contest | The final of Eurovision 2022: This will be the winner

It is a big and clear favorite in this year’s final, but it is not Norway.

It is ready for a new final in the Eurovision Song Contest, this time held in Italy. If we are to believe experts, it is quite clear who will win.

We have used the odds at Norsk Tipping as the starting point for our ranking below. The odds are a product of what the experts believe, and people actually bet on. Since most people decide a lot in the Eurovision Song Contest, this is a very good indication.

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The lower the odds, the bigger a favorite. If the odds are 100, as it is in Norway, then you get 100 times the money back if Norway wins. If you then play for 100 kroner, you will get back 10,000 kroner.

Watch the music videos and our grades from all the participants here

Winner: Ukraine – odds 1.40

The big favorite in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Most experts reckon that the song will get extra voices due to the situation in the home country, and it helps that the song is also relatively good.

Our assessment: You don’t hear rap that often in Eurovision, and the mix with ethnic Ukrainian music works so reasonably well. The actual instrument part in this song can be a bit tiring, but this is not a bad song regardless of where it may come from. The song is about a mother, but there is no point in thinking that it has further meaning. Regardless of the quality of the song, this is probably the winner of this year’s Eurovision, and will slide smoothly to the final. People agree with the heart.

Character: 7/10

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2. Great Britain – odds 7.00

Our assessment: This is the best song the UK has broadcast in a long time, but unfortunately it says nothing. Still, a nice song. Maybe a little lacking in being catchy enough, but Sam is charming.

Character: 7/10

3. Sweden – odds 8.00

Our assessment (before the semifinals): If this does not go to the final, everyone who watches the semi-final is deaf. At the same time, it has a shockingly low odds, because this song is not that good compared to the rest of the songs in Turin. Maybe it’s mostly a little weak vocals that do it, but also that the song lacks a little that you remember it. In any case, Sweden can surprise us (not the bookmakers), about Cornelia really delivers on stage.

Character: 7/10

4. Italia – odds 11.00

Our assessment: Had it not been for Ukraine, this song could have won. A really nice and big ballad, and the home country is very strong.

Character: 8/10

5. Spain – 18.00

Our assessment: The final performance of the final can quickly get the voices it needs, and the song is also catchy.

Character: 8/10

6. Poland 75.00

Hellas 75.00

8. Netherlands 100.00

Serbia 100.00

Norway 100.00

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11. Czech Republic 150.00

Australia 150.00

13. Moldova 200.00

Armenia 200.00

15. Estonia 250.00

16. Finland 300.00

Portugal 300.00

France 300.00

19. Azerbaijan 500.00

20. Germany 800.00

Lithuania 800.00

Romania 800.00

Switzerland 800.00

Island 800.00

Belgium 800.00

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