Éva Csepregi testified about her breakup

Éva Csepregi spoke about the circumstances of her last long-term relationship. Although the singer of the Neoton Família lives alone, she is by no means lonely.

Éva Csepregi revealed that she was compromising in her last relationship, which she didn’t like very much. He added: he just can’t stand being restricted in his freedom and not being loved the way he wants to be. He said he used to flee at such times. “

Photo: Gábor Szabó – Origo

“Everyone would have been better off ending sooner,” he told hot! “When David was born, we thought about how to shape our lives; I thought I should try to live outside. “

He said they lived outside for about half a year, but he felt very strange there. Although he was surrounded by a loving family there, he missed his life at home.

My life here took place in public, with my successes, my attempts, I found my happiness, my financial security here, so I came back. My son was six months old at the time, “he recalled.

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