Eva Longoria reveals her favorite aesthetic medicine treatments

Eva Longoria at the ‘Forces For Change’ dinner hosted by Edward Enninful and Vanessa Kingori. (London, December 4, 2022.) David M. Benett/Hoda Davaine/Dave Benett/Getty Images

In a magazine interview Popsugarthe actress shares the list of procedures she seeks to tone her body and face.

Eva Longoria fully accepts having recourse to aesthetic medicine. In an interview with the American magazine Popsugar published on Tuesday, February 21, the heroine of Desperate Housewives revealed the little ‘tweaks’ she regularly indulges in to improve the look of her skin.

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Before a red carpet or an important event, she says she swears by the Morpheus8 method, like many other celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow or Kim Kardashian. “It’s the mother of all treatments because it’s radiofrequency and microneedling. It really targets a deeper layer to reshape the collagen,” she explains, ensuring that she feels “really more radiant” after each session. “There’s no downtime, it’s not invasive. It’s a very quick process,” she says.

Stimulate collagen

When she is about to make an appearance on the red carpet, Eva Longoria also takes care of her figure. She says she is a follower of the Evolve X remodeling protocol, a program that uses radiofrequency and electrostimulation (EMS) in particular. “It always makes my body more toned. You should see the results”, she says, specifying her problem: “As far as I am concerned, it was a question of boosting the stimulation of the collagen in my belly, in order to obtain the additional boost which it needed. need. [La machine] contract your muscles, I feel like doing a thousand sit-ups. You can do the same treatment on your face. It really reshapes your skin.”

The actress says she started this treatment a year after the birth of her son, Santiago. “I started doing sports; I was dieting again, exercising, eating well, sleeping well, and yet my stomach and skin weren’t as firm as I wanted,” she says. The 40-year-old claims that it was one of the members of her “moms group” who advised her to get started. “I was like, ‘Wow, that’s such a great tip. I felt like it was a secret I had never heard of. I was so happy that it came from a mom rather than a celebrity, like it’s not just rich people who do that,” she says, “everyone knew about this laser that could boost your collagen and firm your skin.”

It should be noted, however, that in September 2022, the actress became an ambassador for InMode, the company that develops the Morpheus8 and Evolve X methods, among others. His comments could therefore potentially be influenced by his partnership.

no shame

If the L’Oréal Paris muse assumes this routine and communicates publicly on this subject, she does not proselytize and encourages everyone to continue to do as they see fit. “It’s about feeling good about yourself and only you know what that entails,” she said in the same interview. For the sake of fairness, she adds that there should also be no shame in resorting to aesthetic medicine, nor pressure to reveal the practices that one grants oneself in an institute. “I don’t think anyone should be ashamed of keeping anything secret, and no one should be forced to divulge what they’re doing. [non plus]. You don’t have to say, “I do this, this, and that.” However, if you do, there should be no shame about it.” And to conclude: “To each his own [de faire].»

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