Evan Longoria breaks a little finger, the return of Brandon Belt is imminent


MIAMI-Giant's third baseman Evan Longoria is considered one of the most enduring players in baseball, having played in at least 156 games in each of the past five seasons.

But after playing in 67 of the first of the Giants' 69 games this year, Longoria is indefinitely broken after breaking his little finger in Thursday's 6: 3, 16-inning victory for the Giants. The seasoned Infielder left the Thursday contest in the lower part of the fourth innings, having taken an 89-mile per he stopped fast-ball from starter Dan Straily.

"The only thing to do is wait and see what the plan is," said Longoria. "We have not really committed ourselves, I do not know if we will be operated on or not."

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Longoria initially stayed in the game, but after returning to the Dugout, he did not play the field in the bottom of the fourth innings.

"It sucks," said Longoria. "We've had quite a few bumps and bruises this year. Only one of those things that are part of the game is inevitable. My job now is just to work on getting well and being as supportive as possible.

Longoria will meet with Dr. Steven Shin in Los Angeles for a second opinion over the weekend, the same doctor who performed Joe Panikan's thumb operation earlier this season.

The technical injury sustained by Longoria is a broken fifth Metacarpal, the same injury that Madison Bumgarner sustained during spring training Longoria said he saw Bumgarner's X-Rays and believes his injury is not that bad.

"It was a bit It was a bit different from mine, just looking at the x-rays, "said Longoria." It was not exactly the same thing. "

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The first baseman Brandon Belt (appendicitis) could be added to Longoria, which was added to the disabled list on Friday The Giants series against the Dodgers return to the club. San Francisco planned to have Belt do a rehab job over the weekend, but with Longoria out there, the Giants Belt could return faster than expected

Manager Bruce Bochy replaced Longoria with infielder Alen Hanson in third. Hanson had played only twice in his career before he went into action on Thursday.

"It's a downer with Longoria," Bochy said. We have a hard time keeping everyone out there, he has a fracture on his left hand, the fifth metacarpal, so we'll get a different opinion. "

Hanson and Infielder Pablo Sandoval is likely to start at third base during Longoria's absence as Belt returns to his regular role as a launch (19659002) "I do not know how many days he'll be out there, but we'll miss this guy," Sandoval said , "He's a great hitter, a great defensive player, a great team-mate, and I hope he recovers well and comes back to bring us to the postseason."


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