Évariste Ngamana denounces the misuse of his name on Facebook

Bangui (CNC) – The MP for Carnot, Évariste Ngamana, published an official press release on March 17, 2023, to inform national and international opinion of the creation of a fake account in his name on the Facebook social network. According to the press release, this fake account uses his image to send extortion and other insidious messages.

Évariste Ngamana, First Vice-President of the National Assembly

Written by Alain Nzilo

Published by Corbeaunews-Centrafrique (CNC), Monday, March 20, 2023

Évariste Ngamana denounces the misuse of his name on Facebook

The First Vice-President of the National Assembly wishes to specify that he has never had an account on Facebook and that he has never used this social network for his communications. He therefore invites everyone to be cautious in the face of this fake account and will take legal action for all practical purposes to put an end to this abusive use of his name and image.

It is important to point out that social networks are increasingly used for malicious practices, such as account takeover and identity theft. It is therefore essential to always verify the veracity of the information before sharing it and to be vigilant regarding the financial solicitations received on these platforms.

The press release from the deputy for Carnot, Évariste Ngamana, warns against the dangers of social networks and recalls the importance of caution in their use. He also calls for justice to end the misuse of his name and image on Facebook.

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