Evelia Peralta, art and culture – The Herald of Juárez

Art and culture exist, they occur and more when there really are people willing to leave all their feelings in each of their works, as is the case of Evelia Peralta, who over time has positioned herself as an empowered artist who reflects her sensitivity in each work she does and that is captured with great realism by the painter.

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It is pleasant to be able to recognize the work that various plastic artists do on this border, who are getting ahead thanks to their work, their daily dedication and above all because each of their works is simply wonderful, as well as the writers, poets , sculptors among others.

Evelia Peralta has exhibited in various parts not only of this city, but also outside of it, her talent has crossed borders, she is known for her paintings, for what her works reflect that she knows how to capture perfectly, it is she who now She continues to give one hundred percent in everything she does, she loves art as she loves life itself.

His good vibes are noticeable in each of his works, he does not play with art, he has enough sensitivity to be able to reach the best exhibitions, museums and places where his paintings can be exhibited, he is always current through his social networks , is a woman who has been in this business for years and she is admired and respected for what she knows how to do and she deserves it, as well as the applause of colleagues, family and friends who know about her and what she captures in the oil.

Always supporting her colleagues, she is a person who knows how to be herself, who behaves up to the task and humility is her shield, she is not one of the artists in this city who speaks ill of her colleagues, she knows what she is worth and that what he does is simply loaded with honesty and his great talent.

She is a complete artist, who has even given courses to other people about what painting is and its origins, her paintings are wonderful and have been exhibited in the best museums and galleries in various parts of Mexico and abroad as far as she has come. her works and go that everyone knows of her existence thanks to the fact that she does things well and is not one of those who go around showing off what she is, and she is worthy of praise and all recognition.

It is the public who place her among the best in her field, it is her friends and colleagues who admire in Evelia Peralta that sensitivity that she deposits in each work, she is not a woman of poses, rather she is a woman of successes and achievements, who knows how to reflect in her works what life means to her and all that it contains.

She belongs to groups in this city where they are supported, but the particular case of Evelia Peralta Martínez, owner of a great gift and feeling is what makes her different from the rest, because she has that spark and that light that permeates each one of her pictures that deserve high praise.