Evelin Gáspár ‘s kitchen –

Gaspar Evelin and his partner will soon be celebrating their first anniversary. Their relationship quickly leveled up, Evelin moved to Nyíregyháza with her partner and often travels to the capital when she has business here.

Photo: Instagram

“I moved in with Attila, for rational reasons. His work links him to Nyíregyháza: he and his family work in the construction industry, building houses. (…) It is much freer for me to see what kind of work I am taking on. (…) We are in love and happy. (…) I love him, to live with him. I don’t deny it, I had to give it my lower royal life. I’m used to being served, but now that I live with a man, I have to be more homely. (…) No one loved, respected, valued as much as Attila. (…) He deserved my trust! ” Evelin had betrayed earlier.

The flu agent and his partner moved into a new apartment and showed off their kitchen: