Even a hundred million would not be enough. See the most expensive houses and apartments on the market

The new star of the ranking is a spacious villa in Prague-Troj, which was built by Australian entrepreneur Anthony Denny, founder of the AAA car dealership network. A four-story building with its own basketball court, a vineyard and a heated driveway is offered by a real estate office for 390 million crowns.

It has been for sale since at least 2017, and despite the real estate boom of the past years, the property still failed to sell.

New ranking of the most expensive properties according to Forbes magazine

New ranking of the most expensive properties according to Forbes

At the same time, it is one of the largest plots of land sold in the capital. “The embassies are most interested in this property,” Daniel Červ, a real estate agent from Re/Max G8 Reality, who is now in charge of selling the villa, told SZ Byznys.

The top ten of the ranking offer houses with interesting stories, and they are far from just Prague addresses. Vila Hielle in Krásná Lípa is the second. The historic building from the end of the 19th century boasts a magnificent entrance hall and 29 other rooms. And also with a price tag of 295 million crowns.

In addition to real estate “classics” in the form of villas in Hanspaulka, Bubenča or Malvazinky, there is also a castle or a farm with a racetrack.

You can see what the most expensive house on offer currently looks like below.

Looking at the price tags, it’s clear that there are no dramatic highs in the luxury housing market. Even this year, it belongs to the most expensive luxurious properties with above-standard equipment, a famous address, or with a view of the historic center of Prague. For some properties, real estate agencies have reduced the price tag, but interest in luxury has rather stagnated slightly in recent months.

“In any case, there is a battle of nerves going on in the market right now. On the one hand, I see the owners’ reluctance to discount, and on the other, I see the buyers’ desire for at least a small discount and a certain degree of opportunism. Now the question is which of these camps will win the fight. I can’t yet estimate whether the price correction that we can already see in older real estate will also affect the premium segment,” Prokop Svoboda, owner of the real estate agency Svoboda&Williams, recently described the current situation in an interview with SZ Byznys.

The most expensive apartments have a Prague address

The most expensive real estate in the category of apartments that can be found in the offers of real estate agents is a two-story apartment in Vinohrady with an internal area of ​​733 square meters. The owner is asking 150 million crowns for luxury in the form of a view of Prague Castle, a private elevator, a wine cellar, a garden and a private elevator.

TOP 10 most expensive apartments on the Czech market

Order A flat Cena
1. Apartment in Americka, Prague 150 million CZK
2. Residence Shangri-La, Prague 120 million CZK
3. Penthouse in Žižkov, Prague 117 million CZK
4. Apartment in Malá Strana, Prague 100 million CZK
5. Maisonette Mezi paláci, Prague 87 million CZK
6. Penthouse Vanguard, Praha CZK 86.6 million
7. Apartment in V Tower, Prague 85 million CZK
8. Penthouse in Vinohrady, Prague CZK 79 million
9. Maisonette Hlubočepy, Prague 75 million CZK
10. Maisonette in Pařížská, Prague 70 million CZK

Three other Prague apartments have a price exceeding one hundred million crowns: a residence in Široká Street is offered for 120 million, a penthouse in Žižkov, more like a villa on the roof of a house, for 117 million, and an apartment in Malá Strana with a view of the Charles Bridge for 100 million.

No apartment outside the capital city made it into the top ten of the Forbes list.

You can see what the most expensive apartment in the offer currently looks like in the gallery below.