Even the storm, that is the Open’er Festival – Day II, did not stop [ZDJĘCIA, RELACJA]

  • The second day of Open’er is behind us. It can be classified as successful, despite the storm that caused delays and dissatisfaction of festival goers
  • On the main stage appeared, among others Glass Animals and Twenty One Pilots. These concerts attracted thousands of viewers
  • It was also happening on alternative scenes. The audience was kidnapped by Years and Years or Zdechły Osa
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The second day of this year’s Open’er Festival is behind us. The organizers and participants were put to the test, which was caused by a threatening-looking storm rolling over the Gdynia Kosakowo airport. Fortunately, everything ended well and it was possible to get back to the stage.

Although the weather forecasts warned that the day would not be kind to the festival-goers, nothing could deter rap fans. They appeared in crowds at the Tent Stage to listen to the stars of Polish hip-hop – at 5 pm he entered the stage Otsochodzifollowed by Żabson at 7 pm i Young Igi. The festival-goers talked about the mass of people who came to this second performance until the end of the day. The fans not only filled the tent where the price was located, but also the space in front of the big screen where the performance was broadcast. With such a crowd, fainting happened, but this is normal at summer concerts.

Open’er Festival – day II. Żabson and Young Igi – Artur Konopka / Onet

Those who wanted to hear the hit “Habits” live stayed at the performance of the Swedish singer Tove Lo, but many festival goers went to the Main Stage to see how the headliners would do.

Open'er Festival - day II.  Tove LoOpen’er Festival – day II. Tove Lo – Artur Konopka / Onet

Before that, at 6 p.m., they ruled the main stage Royal Blood – The British who made Open’er vibrate with a strong, rock sound. Mike Kerr’s strong vocal and garage sounds attracted many fans of such music. The crowd had already started pouring in during their great concert, but the real wave came when they were about to enter the stage at 8 PM Glass Animals. Dave Bayley and his crew kidnapped the audience the second they took over the main stage. The vocalist emphasized how happy he was to be able to come back to Poland and shouted to the fans from the stage that he missed them. He also interacted with the audience in other ways – a happy fan or fan caught … a pineapple flying from the stage.

Open'er Festival - day II.  Dave Bayley from Glass AnimalsOpen’er Festival – day II. Dave Bayley from Glass Animals – Artur Konopka / Onet

Glass Animals put the festival goers in a great mood – especially with the fantastic performance of the “Heat Waves” megahit – but the smiles quickly faded from the face. It turned out that there was a thunderstorm over Gdynia, which forced a change of plans. Those who were waiting right under the stage for Twenty One Pilots according to the plan, at 10 pm, they heard a message that is repeated in every festival goer’s nightmares. The concert was delayed by half an hour, and everyone who stood close to the metal structures and barriers had to move away from the stage. Some protested, but the organizers were adamant and safety came first. “Don’t resist it, it doesn’t make sense” – exclaimed the coordinator from the stage. Eventually the fans moved to safety, and after a few dozen minutes the good news came. The storm retreated and the Twenty One Pilots were getting ready to perform. They entered exactly 37 minutes late, and the audience greeted them with a loud scream of approval. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, first with balaclavas on their faces, rocked the audience with the hit “Heathens”, and then gave them a visual and musical spectacle.

Open'er Festival - day II.  Twenty One PilotsOpen’er Festival – day II. Twenty One Pilots – Artur Konopka / Onet

Frenzy reigned not only on the main stage. Half an hour before midnight, Tent Stage has taken over Olly Alexanderwho performed for the first time in Poland as part of a solo project Years & Years. The singer presented one of the most refined shows of the evening, and the concert lasting less than an hour and a half was a great LGBT manifesto. The Alter Stage was ruled by Zdechły Osa, who gave a concert at Open’er that was not there for a long time. The controversial rapper from Wrocław performed not only his most famous pieces, such as “Patolove” or “I fell in love with your mother”, but also unheard recordings of the upcoming album. The fans turned over in the dance, screamed the lyrics, jumped along with the Osa crew wandering around the stage – everyone who saw it will not forget for a long time.

Open'er Festival - day II.  Olly AlexanderOpen’er Festival – day II. Olly Alexander – Artur Konopka / Onet

Due to the weather delay, the audience at the Main Stage had to wait longer for the show Playboi Carti. The American rapper hit the stage right before 1 and immediately showed that it was worth the wait. This concert was magnetizing. Incredible music was combined with a well-thought-out visual setting, which gave the festival goers new energy. So they had the strength to party until dawn with Lilly Palmerwhich took over Beat Stage by 2.

Open'er Festival - day IIArtur Konopka / Onet
Open'er Festival - day IIArtur Konopka / Onet