Even though my ribs cracked, I wanted to do it

The second season of Dancing with the Stars started on TV2 on Saturday night, with Viki Metzker and his professional dance partner, Márki Norbert, falling out first. The DJ had a cracked rib in one of his rehearsals, his doctor didn’t advise him to move much, but he’s glad he did it all during the live show.

“I got this little girl’s picture in my hands today … But if you turn the page, you can see that during our dance on Dancing with the Stars yesterday, the same sparkle was in my eyes. It’s weird to see how much I’m over. How much success, I’ve had experience so far, and I’m damn happy about it, because that’s what life is all about! I have to live and enjoy it! I’m not the type to give up and not the kind to feel sorry for yourself! I’d rather laugh at it, I’m dissatisfied that I can’t push it on maxi gas … But I’ll shake myself and move on! ”He began recording on Instagram after TV2’s show.

“We performed proudly yesterday and didn’t give up a week before the live show! We had a day to prepare with the changed choreo and I’m grateful to my dancing partner for putting so much energy into it for the last two months! Thank you, you were my brilliant teacher and now I can (…) Now in the next 1.5 weeks the role is healing, resting, then I’ll go back to where I feel best, to the DJ counter! ” – message.

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