[Epoch Times, November 21, 2020]China’s pension gap has gradually widened. The Insurance Association of China issued a report today and pointed out that in the next 5 to 10 years, China will have a pension gap of RMB 8 trillion to RMB 10 trillion, and it will expand.

The Paper reported that the China Insurance Association today issued the “Research Report on the Third Pillar of China’s Pension Funds” to make the above assessment. The content mentioned that the above-mentioned 8 trillion to 10 trillion yuan (renminbi) pension gap “will further expand over time.”

The pension gap in China has gradually widened. In recent years, it has attracted the attention of the elderly and even the middle-aged people across the country. The reason is that China’s implementation of family planning for 40 years has caused the base of the young and middle-aged population to be greatly reduced. Insurance) fewer people and more pensioners. However, there are as many as 38 million people withheld from social security in China.

For this reason, Chinese officials have repeatedly announced the need to raise the pensionable retirement age. Many Chinese middle-aged and middle-aged people are therefore worried that they have to pay monthly pensions in advance, which has been steadily increasing every year for the past 15 years. When they are old, they may not receive the pensions they deserve, or even have no money to receive. .

(Reproduced: Central News Agency, abridged)

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