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This is how you can avoid mistakes in event management! Organizing events is not an easy task. It takes good planning, structure, risk analysis and creativity. Event managers need to keep an eye on all the details and contingency plans in order to be able to react quickly to problems. Despite many detailed Excel sheets and schedules, errors can occur when planning and implementing an event. Many errors […]


Storytelling: Tell stories with events! Storytelling plays a big role for events. But why and how do you tell stories at an event? In this blog post you will learn why stories are told and what relevance storytelling and staging have for events. You can get an intensive insight into the complex, exciting topic and the importance and applications of “storytelling” in the […]

  • Green Events


What are “Green Events”? Climate change with its consequences for the environment and humanity is an increasingly important issue. Environmental protection is therefore becoming increasingly important. In the event industry, the topic of environmental protection was taken up as part of sustainable event management. With the help of various types of certification such as the “Green Meeting” or “Green Event” according to the environmental guideline UZ62, which is issued by the Federal Ministry for […]

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An overview: How to find suitable sponsors Sponsoring is an essential factor in event planning. This overview gives you tips on how to research sponsors, get in touch with them and conclude cooperations. It is important to understand in advance why companies sponsor events at all, how to approach companies and what types of event sponsorship there are. The guide gives you […]

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As an event manager you need different skills. Regardless of whether it is a major event or a small gala, event managers must be able to react flexibly to circumstances and find solutions quickly. In the “The Event Management Talk” podcast powered by ESB Academy you will hear many interviews with experts and event managers who give good tips and insights into the job profile of an event manager. In the podcast you will learn different best practice examples for […]

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8 tips on how to promote your event on social media Social media channels have become indispensable with their reach these days. You can also use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Co. for events to draw attention to your event and promote it, present the program or sponsors and sell tickets. 8 tips on how to […]

  • Promote events on social media

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How do I become an event manager? Wondering how to become an event manager? Have you been dreaming of working in this profession for a long time? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a career changer or straight out of school or university: This blog post gives you a good overview of the activities of an event manager, how to become an event manager, what tasks an event manager has and what skills you need […]