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Everest: Three more die near the summit

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It was demanded to limit the number of permits issued to climbers

Three more climbers have died on Mount Everest, bringing the death toll to seven in a week – more than in the last year.

The three died on Thursday on the descent from exhaustion.

It comes amidst congestion near the summit when record numbers make the climb, despite calls to limit the number of climbing permits.

Nepal has issued 381 permits for the spring climbing season at the highest peak in the world for $ 11,000 each (£ 8,600).

Two Indian climbers – Kalpana The (52) and Nihal Bagwan (27) – died Thursday as they descended the mountain.

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Local tour operator Keshav Paudel told AFP News Agency that Bagwan "has been in traffic for more than 12 hours and is exhausted."

A 65-year-old Austrian climber died on the north Tibet side of the mountain.

An Indian and an American died on the mountain Wednesday, while an Irish professor, Séamus Lawless, was declared dead after a fall on 16 May.

Conditions were worse than usual again this year: strong winds left a large number of climbers with a tight time frame to reach the summit.

It is known that in the spring of last year, five people died on Everest and one in Lhotse.

The number of people climbing Everest in 2019 could surpass the previous year's record of 807 people reaching the summit.

The growing number of people climbing and dying on Everest has limited the call for permits.

Ben Fogle, the adventurer and television presenter who climbed the mountain last year, asked in a Twitter post for the "London Marathon Lottery for Climbing Permits."


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