Everki Venue XL Messenger on test: Good messenger bag with clever details

The Everki Venue Xl Messenger is optically trimmed for minimalism and yet has a lot of space and organization inside.

In some situations, a 25l backpack is simply unwieldy. Practically on all days when I’m out and about without a laptop and the SLR camera stays at home. Then my backpack is almost empty and that’s a complete waste of space. Administrative visits, short trips to the pharmacy or the post office. Not everything fits in my pockets, cargo shorts are not a year-round solution, but a large backpack is simply impractical in such situations.

A messenger bag is just right for such moments. Nevertheless, like all my other bags, it has to be able to hold different amounts of things on different days. Sometimes the iPad has to go, sometimes just a pad and pen. The power bank in case I forgot to charge my smartphone or TWS. Some water would also be good in case the Berlin subway is a long time coming and all the other little things that I usually take with me, because “You never know.” You can already see: The “Everki Venue XL Messenger” will do it not easy.

Design and workmanship are very good

For bags, the capacity is usually given in liters. This allows a certain degree of comparability, but it’s a bit like apartments here – 70 square meters can be well or badly cut. The same applies to bags and even if the 6 liters of the Everki Venue XL Messenger doesn’t sound like much on paper, it’s actually larger than expected. That’s good, because I’m not a delicate person either, and small bags often look strange on tall people.

Most of the material of the Everki Venue XL Messenger is plastic, which is enhanced by some leather accents. It’s high-quality plastic, because: In my three weeks with the messenger bag, like all my bags, it flew around, was dragged across the floor and set down roughly – not a scratch. In addition, the seams are excellently worked. No loose threads, no crooked seams. You definitely get what you pay for your money.

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The inner lining of the Everki Venue XL Messenger is also orange. Because the outer material is black, I can always see at a glance if I forgot to zip up. This is very practical for a quick check from the corner of your eye when the bag is not right next to you.

The zippers of the Everki Venue XL Messenger are made entirely of metal and nothing hacked or jammed during my test period. Also, the zipper pullers are nice and wide, which makes them easier to grab. Someone put some thought into the conception of the messenger and this is particularly evident in the details.

Sandwich room layout

The Everki Venue XL Messenger organizes its compartments in different layers, which offer a lot of space due to their internal division. There is no such thing as simply throwing everything into one big compartment. I like it a lot. It’s not set in stone, but that way everything has its place and if I’m looking for something, I can usually find it blindly with a flick of the wrist.

Let’s start at the back and by that I mean the compartment that rests against your body. This compartment offers another compartment for your smartphone, which can be secured with a Velcro strap. Everki seems to be aware that smartphones have become very large and even 6.7″ devices can easily fit in your pocket. For my iPhone 13 mini (test) I have to dig a little deeper into my pocket. Right next to it is a loop for a pen with a clip.

After that we open the large magnetically held cover of the Everki Venue XL Messenger. There are three or four more layers depending on how you count. The compartment furthest away from your body still offers enough space for all sorts of small items such as business cards or notes. Since it is only closed with a magnet, no valuable things should be stored here.

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One shift further we come to a small miracle of organization. There are two loops for additional pens, space for a notebook or power bank, cables, business cards and other smaller items. There is also a mesh compartment here, which you can almost always see whether the contents are complete. At the end there is a hook for your keys.

The next layer is then technically something special – an RFID-free compartment. Thanks to modern technology, you often only need to hold your debit or credit card in front of a reader and the payment will be made. The same applies to modern company ID cards, which then open doors. The data is transmitted “over the air”. However, clever thieves now walk through crowds and hold mobile card readers in passing bags and read out this data as well. A lot of damage can be done with it. This cannot happen with the Everki Venue XL Messenger’s RFID-free compartment, as data transmission is blocked by a certain material. This compartment is additionally secured with a zipper. It’s a shame it’s necessary to protect your cards like this, but I’m glad it works.

The main compartment of the Everki Venue XL Messenger has two more compartments. One of them is well lined and intended for mobile devices such as tablets – officially up to 13″. But my 13.3″ MacBook Pro (test) and even the new 13.6″ MacBook Air (test) fit in there – albeit just barely. The second compartment then has two sewn-on compartments again. As you can see, this messenger doesn’t lack pockets and compartments.

High wearing comfort

There aren’t many ergonomic settings on the Everki Venue XL Messenger. You can practically only adjust the length of the carrying strap. The length is also sufficient for tall people up to two meters. The strap itself is not padded anywhere and feels almost like a car seat belt.

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The lack of padding on the strap means less sweating in the summer but less protection from digging in when the Everki Venue XL Messenger is fully loaded. Since there is also space for a notebook, power bank and other small items, two kilograms, for example, are quickly reached. The sheer width of the belt then comes into play as compensation. With a width of five centimetres, the contact surface is distributed more over the entire shoulder. Some padding would be nice though.

Conclusion on the Everki Venue XL Messenger

I have now given up my search for the ONE backpack. My demands on most days are just too different for that. One week I have a 17″ workstation in my bag and the week after that I have a 13″ ultrabook and some days just a tablet.

The Everki Venue XL Messenger is perfect for the last two days. It’s big enough to carry all of the essentials that I carry with me most days. I can even fit a 0.5 liter water bottle in it. I have to leave the big camera at home, but apart from that I have little to complain about. The shoulder strap could be slightly padded and there are almost too many compartments for me, but that’s complaining on a high level.

The padding of the tablet/notebook compartment and the special RFID-free compartment are clever methods for safely transporting modern technology. Together with the elegant look of the leather accents, I could actually have my next daily driver in front of me here.

Officially, Everki is asking €145 for the Venue XL Messenger. That’s a lot of money for a “small” bag. You can find it a little cheaper in our shop. If you don’t like or need big backpacks, are well organized and only buy a bag every five years, you’re making the right investment here. For everyone else – there are many bags out there, including one for you.

Everki Venue XL in our shop

Stand: August 2022