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Application Evernote gets the night mode in Android from the dawn site, on Friday, November 23, 2018.

Most applications have got the modern design design, which is dominated by white color, but most users prefer the theme or dark mode, for many reasons, most notably saving the battery and other reason to protect the eye and reduce the Her effort while browsing at night.

This is what Evernote, the world's most famous commenting team, thought of as a new update with the Evernote 8.6 version on Android, now supporting the dark theme, with a very simple activation feature. Go to the menu and switch the dark mode switch, Nothing will change except for the background that turns from white to black.

On the other hand, rivals Evernote as Google Keep and OneNote from Microsoft, one of Google's employees pointed out that the company's Notes application will be in the dark position soon, and recently the application has a distinctive update that changed the white background to light gray, and the other application does not exist Word from Microsoft but sooner or later we will see this situation is available.

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Source: Dawn



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