– Everyone was very shocked – VG

TOTAL DRAWING: The car suffered major material damage after a large rock fell from the roof of the Trodal tunnel. Photo: VG-tipser

The car roof was completely smashed after the car was hit by a rock that came loose from the roof in the Trodal tunnel.


A car was totally smashed after a rock fell from the roof of the Trodal tunnel at Matre in the Masfjord. The incident happened around 14.00.

Pictures of the car show that the roof is completely depressed. Apparently, everything outside the area around the driver’s seat was smashed by the large rock.

The first contractors on site estimate that the stone weighs around a ton, says traffic operator Tor Evensen at Vegtrafikksentralen Vest to VG.

There was a man in his 40s who was the driver of the smashed car.

How the stones and the tunnel are handled further is still uncertain, as there has not yet been a cleaning team inside the tunnel that has been able to make assessments of this.

– A cleaning team is on its way and is now rigging to enter the tunnel, Evensen says around 18.10.

Do you know anything about or do you have information about the case? Contact us at 2200.

– Sick to look at

A woman who came minutes after the stone fell, tells VG that she saw people gathering around the smashed car, and that the driver had gotten out.

– Everyone was very shocked. It was completely sick to look at, and you could not quite take it inward.

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The woman does not want to come forward with a name. She goes on to say that it was luck that she was not the one who was hit.

– If we had been out earlier, it could have been us. Now I’m afraid to drive in tunnels.

– Angel guard

Karstein Totland, mayor of Masfjorden municipality, describes the incident as absolutely terrible. He is happy that no injuries have been reported.

Some have really had angel guards right there, he says.

According to Totland, the fact that the incident took place in the Trodal tunnel in particular is surprising.

– The tunnel has recently been upgraded in accordance with the new traffic regulations. This tunnel should have been safe, but you can never know, says the mayor.

He does not know when the safety check of the tunnel was last carried out.

The western municipality of Masfjorden generally has many tunnels.

– There will always be a certain risk with tunnels, but it is not easy to build roads without it in our part of the country, Totland says.

Cause still unknown

– As of now, we know nothing about the cause, traffic operator Jenny Eva Nilsson at the road traffic center at VG around 16.30. When VG contacted Vegtrafikksentralen around 19.50, the answer was the same.

Opening will only take place when everything is safe, Nilssom assures.

– We will now carry out cleaning of the tunnel and then check that everything is in order.

Several other tunnels in the area have also been closed, but the Masfjord tunnel is now open for traffic again, Vegtrafikksentralen Vest reports.

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– E39 The Matreberg and Trodal tunnels are still closed due to clean-up, they write on twitter.

At 20.30, the police write on Twitter that the tunnel is open, and that traffic is running as normal.