Everything About Customer Training: A Detailed Guide

A positive onboarding experience makes a positive impression on your customer’s minds. Customers churn because either they do not understand your product or find any value from it. These two problems can be solved by customer onboarding. You must generate a feeling in your customers that your sales promises are completely fulfilled once they purchase your product. In this way, you can keep your customers satisfied and happy.

What is Customer onboarding?

Customer onboarding helps your customers to get familiar and acquainted with your product. An effective customer onboarding program entails a step-by-step tutorial with proper guidance and support. It should help the customers to understand the product completely and solve all their queries and doubts. 

Is customer onboarding mandatory?

A customer onboarding program is not mandatory, but it can fetch you great results. Your customers can know everything about your product which makes them completely satisfied. It grows their trust and loyalty to your business. Your onboarding programs set the tone for how you deal with your customers. You retain your customers and make them happy which helps in getting top referral sources and building your business overall. Customer onboarding might not be mandatory, but it’s very important for your business growth. 

Customer onboarding process:

You need to have a strategy and a process in mind to offer a great onboarding experience for your customers. There are many customer onboarding solutions to offer, but you need to find out what suits you and your customers in particular. For instance, you cannot force them to watch any video, they should be able to watch it when they need to. To help you build an effective onboarding program, we have listed down a detailed process that can fetch you good results. 

1)Start with a welcome message:

You need to welcome your customers on a positive note first. Thank them for choosing your product over others and let them know how happy you are for having them on board. You can send a formal email consisting of these points. 

2)Greeting message:

This is different from an email, it welcomes your customers once they log into your product. This makes them feel that they are going in the right direction in terms of using your product and reverting to you if they have any issues. Request your customers to turn on their email notifications so that they can notice and access what you send them instantly. 

3)Provide them with enough information:

To set up the product, provide a step-by-step tutorial of the entire process; this should guide them on what they need to do at every step. If there are any features without data, fill those up with educational stuff which helps our customers to understand what that feature is. 

4)Feature callouts and interactive walk-throughs:

With the help of a tip banner, you can provide relevant information on important features and how to use them. After this, with interactive walk-throughs, you can ensure your customers do not get stuck at any step. You provide relevant information which helps them to move forward and use the next feature. These contextual tips will help your users to sail through the product without any issues.


Chatbots are an amazing way to provide instant solutions to your customers. They can post their doubts anytime and chatbots will provide instant solutions. You don’t need to respond to customer queries unless chatbots cannot fix it. Chatbots can direct the issues to you so that you can resolve them later. Thus, using chatbots can be a great option. 


Regular check-ins prove that you care about your customers and their needs. With constant check-ins, you can understand where your customers are getting stuck and how you can help them.


To wrap up, do all that you can to ensure you offer a great customer onboarding. You can even go a step further and celebrate those customer-centric goals that might have been created initially. Solve your customer’s problems, be available to them anytime and make them feel special with your service. In this way, you can provide an amazing onboarding experience.