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Everything is just about to begin, Devin Booker-NBA-Basketball

by archyw

Devin Booker has an old soul.

He likes to collect old cars, from the great Chevy Impala in the 1960s, to the classic Chevrolet Caprice in the 1970s, to the Buick Grand National that Donald’s favorite drive.

He also likes to listen to Jay-Z, especially the early “Reasonable Doubt” and “The Blueprint” albums. So when he knew that CP3 and Jay-Z were friends, he always asked CP3 to help introduce them.

He particularly likes to listen to the history of the NBA, especially since he was 12 years old, he lived with his dad who was a professional player. He moved from Michigan, where the majority of white people are, to the black community in southern cities. Compete with these people. In a new world like Mississippi, he understands the belonging in the blood better.

Perhaps this is why the connection between him and Kobe is so deep. Although the two do not have much intersection, when Kobe told him “Be Legendary”, the power of these two characters became a kind of expectation that he could plan in such a new generation. Next place.

Perhaps this is why he is always compared with Kobe. From shooting posture to offensive efficiency, the blunt “Mamba Mentality” sign is inexplicably pressed on his shoulders, but he doesn’t care.

“I just leave it at what he’s done for me as a mentor, and the advice he’s left me with. I tried to take bits and pieces of his mentality and approach, but you know I should never be compared with Kobe Bryant.”

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People say that there are two sides of one, “I shouldn’t be compared with Kobe.” This sentence is also two levels; one is that Kobe is too great, and the other is me. If you delve into the data (per Basketball Reference), Booker is slightly better than the 21-year-old Kobe who won the championship for the first time and the 24-year-old Booker who won the championship for the first time. Because in the playoffs alone, Booker’s offensive data is higher, and the team relies on the center of gravity (USG 32.1%), but offensively helps the team instead of defensively (0.3 OWS/1.1 DWS).

However, compared to the 24-year-old Kobe and the 24-year-old Booker, their data every 36 minutes after correction is almost the same, and unexpectedly Kobe has a better three-point shooting rate, and Booker has a better mid-range. The biggest difference is that the 24-year-old Kobe’s efficiency (26.2 PER/16.9 PER) or winning contribution (14.9 WS/4.9 WS) far exceeds that of the 24-year-old Booker.

Of course, the number is not the only basis, but what can be seen is the plasticity of Devin Booker, although it is not far behind. A great player is always intimidating. It seems that this person has a lore button that is always turned on at the critical moment of the game, and a ball has killed the hearts of many fans. Such lethality should be what he lacks most at the moment.

But everything is a process. Just take success and applause into your heart, failure and setbacks into your mind, and use your name to make a place in this new generation. Be Legendary.

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